Yesterday, Todd McFarlane promised big news about Spawn and the movie he’s been trying to make for years that bears that character’s name. From the sounds of yesterday’s Facebook Live announcement, McFarlane was bursting at the seams about the news he had, understandable given the amount of time, effort and energy he’s invested, but you could tell that this was going to be a little bit more serious than “I’m starting a Kickstarter!” Indeed, McFarlane just announced with Kevin Smith at San Diego Comic Con that he’s teaming with Blumhouse Productions to bring Spawn back to the multiplex. 

This is a very shrewd move on the part of McFarlane, and on the part of Blumhouse. For McFarlane, he gets the closest name to a sure thing in horror currently in Hollywood; Blumhouse’s success, particularly its recent success with Split and Get Out, speaks for itself. As for Blumhouse, this let’s them enter the superhero game while still playing by their own rules. Spawn, the tale of a soldier that’s sent to hell, given superpowers by the devil, and returns to Earth to become a dark protector and antihero will likely play to all the things Blumhouse covets, while allowing McFarlane to realize his low-budget, more atmospheric vision for the film he’s had for years.

No word yet on a release date, cast, director or anything. In fact there is, as yet, no mention of the project on the Blumhouse website. One can only assume, as McFarlane implied, that this news is very, very fresh indeed. We’ll keep you posted about any new developments.

***UPDATE – Friday, 6:20 pm EST: Deadline has augmented McFarlane’s own report saying that Spawn’s creator will be tackling the first draft of the script himself and then direct the film. “Having worked with many visionary directors, I think Todd’s unique artistic talents will only add to his role as director of this film,” said Jason Blum in a statement.

Source: Todd McFarlane/Facebook

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