This season of Fear The Walking Dead has been outstanding. Not only is the show not bound to the already established storyline from the comics (and therefore free to do whatever the hell it wants, as long as it adheres to the rules of The Walking Dead), but the show has had our main characters separate from each other, and go on their own dark paths. In the mid-season finale, the Clark family realized they were on the wrong side of a war (which they ended up in conflict with former friend Ophelia) and took matters into their own hands, and Strand and the newly revealed to be alive Salazar were having their own journeys (sometimes at odds with each other). How much longer until the gang’s all back together, and will they be on the same side?

During the Fear The Walking Dead panel at this year’s SDCC, fans were treated to a trailer for the second half of the third season of the show, which returns this September. Within minutes, AMC released a trailer for the remainder of the season.

It looks like the peace made with the Walker family, and their reservation, will be tumultuous at best. Also, with water running out, it’s becoming the new currency, like Strand said, so expect some bodies to drop trying to get that precious currency.

Fear the Walking Dead returns in September on AMC.


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