What is perhaps the biggest thing to come out of San Diego Comic Con today has nothing to do with a big screen franchise, but rather the small screen adventures of a small group of pre-teens who know all too well what’s lurking in the dark. For the kids of Hawkins in 1984, horror is about to look them right in the eyes as they’re forced to concede that things are not as normal in their town as they appear. In other words, this October, they will have to fight for their lives inside a killer, thriller night called Stranger Things 2

The first trailer for the second season of the Netflix series kicked off the Stranger Things panel at Comic Con. The now Emmy-nominated nostalgic horror-fantasy-adventure-drama is one of the most hotly anticipated returns of the year, and the prime time placement of Stranger Things’ panel in mid-afternoon on Saturday indicates just how huge this series has become. So let’s go back in time, just before Halloween 1984, for a thriller…

Indeed that was a sweet use of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in the trailer, especially that rap interlude by Vincent Price, really sets a tone for the news season, fun but fearful. It’s hard to think of anything that says “1984” more than seeing the Stranger Things kids riding around in Ghostbusters costumes while “Thriller” plays (even though that famous “Thriller” video first aired on MTV in December 1983, and not at any time in 1984).

Stranger Things season 2 drops in its entirety on Netflix on October 27.

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