Star Trek: Discovery‘s Sonequa Martin-Green tweeted out a surprise family connection with the original Star Trek‘s Spock today that certainly seems to come out of left field. It turns out that Commander Michael Burnham played by Martin-Green is the half-sister of our favorite Vulcan science officer. Go ahead and scratch your head, we’re doing the same, and then click-through for more details.

Here’s the tweet:

Hmm, that actually says a lot in that short tweet. Sarek is not Brunham’s biological father, but is the daughter of Amanda, Spock’s biological mother. That means that Amanda had another husband, or lover before meeting and marrying Sarek.

The show’s producers tweeted out this request:

It’s not the first time the series has sprung an unknown sibling on Spock and company. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier saddled the fandom with Sybok, the emotional Vulcan looking for divinity and finding crazy space alien clouds.

Are you willing to give the series a chance to make this new-found relation work out, or is this the last straw that broke the Klingon’s back? Will this be “Fascinating” or “Highly Illogical”?

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