Batman has always been considered a really rich guy with some kickass abilities to… well, kickass. He is trained in just about every method of martial arts, so it’s not like he’s just a rich guy in a suit of armor or anything, he’s truly a superhero. That being said, he has always been considered just a human, which is one of the reasons why fans loved him. He was integral in establishing the Justice League meaning he was just a man who stood with giants, but that’s all about to change now that DC is considering him a member of the metahuman community. Spoilers ahead for Suicide Squad #22

Amanda Waller knows a little something about superheroes… well, supervillains to be fair. She knows who has what it takes and uses those abilities to her advantage. Waller has been the longtime commander/creator of the Suicide Squad and in this week’s issue, she directs her team to head out and acquire two metahumans: Killer Frost and Batman. Wait, Batman?

This revelation suggests that the United States Federal Government in the DC Universe considers Batman to be a metahuman placing him alongside people like Aquaman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and everyone else he has stood beside all these years.

There is a reason for the justification that allows for the Dark Knight’s inclusion in the extraordinary human category and it has to do with Nth metal. Because Batman once had contact with the metal dionesium, which contains Nth metal properties, he was restored to peak condition. This interaction has made the Dark Knight a metahuman so far as the government is concerned and he isn’t the only one.

The Joker revealed that Nth metal can create unexpected changes once it enters the bloodstream and while it has only healed Batman, that doesn’t mean it won’t alter his body chemistry in other ways. The revelation of Batman’s new classification will likely join others as DC gears up to its upcoming Metal event so we might just see a few more humans gain the meta prefix as the build-up continues.

Suicide Squad #22, written by Rob Williams with pencils by Gus Vasquez arrived in stores on “New Comic Day” this week, which was on the 26th. The book’s synopsis follows:

“KILL YOUR DARLINGS” part two! Face to face with the Russian mastermind she’s been tracking since SUICIDE SQUAD: REBIRTH #1, Amanda Waller is horrified to find the Suicide Squad commanded by her own dark mirror, the enigmatic Direktor Karla, who’s surpassed the Task Force X leader in the one game she cannot afford to lose: control.


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