Last week on Game of Thrones, Danny finally got dealt her first taste of defeat. Her allies, the Greyjoy siblings, as well as the San Snakes of Dorne, suffered a sneak attack at the hands of Euron’s crazy self. This caused the kidnapping of Dorne’s queen Ellaria and her only living daughter Tyene to be Euron’s gift Cersei. Sam played the most ruthless game of “Operation” as he attempted to heal Jorah from his Gray Scale, while Arya also reunited with her long lost direwolf Nymeria while en route North to unite with Sansa and Jon. Of course, Jon decided to head south to meet Daenerys to cop a plea for an alliance against Sansa’s wishes (will all the Stark kids ever officially reunite?), but he overruled her and made her the temporary Queen of the North in his place. With all sorts of pieces in motion, how did this week of Game of Thrones end up?

The episode begins with the long-awaited meeting between Jon and Daenerys. After all, the series is called “A Song of Fire and Ice,” and we have long expected that these two would cross paths. Jon and Davos make it to Dragonstone where they are greeted by Tyrion, Missandei, and a horde of Dothraki. Dragonstone was once Davos’ headquarters when he was serving Stannis, so he and Tyrion last saw each other on opposing sides in Battle of the Blackwater, and while the reunion wasn’t terrible, it could have gone a little easier. Of course, Jon and Davos haven’t seen dragons before and when they fly by the two are both amazed and a little afraid. For Jon, dragons are as much a myth for him as White Walkers are a myth to everyone else. Tyrion even comments that it’s impossible to get used to them no matter how many times you see them in action.

Meanwhile, Melisandre is trying to steer clear of Jon. Last time he saw her, he banished her South for burning Stannis’ daughter Shireen in the name of the Lord of Light. Varys joins her at a cliff where the two engage in a brief chat about her noticeable absence from Jon’s arrival. Varys comments on the fact that the two of them are commoners who will never leave their posts, once they get close to power, they simply can’t walk away from it. Varys tells Melisandre that when she leaves not to come back to Westeros. She tells him that she will die in this country, just like he will. That comment sends chills down Varys’ spine. As much as he isn’t fond of the sorceress, he doesn’t discount her clairvoyance.

Jon enters the throne room where he and Daenerys finally have their face-to-face, and Danny continues to channel a little bit of the Mad King in her arrogance when dealing with people. She demands that Jon “bend the knee” in service to her while referencing their past family history. Jon pushes back referencing her terrible father, so Daenerys says they should try and start anew. Daenerys gives an impassioned speech about her history ever since she was a child, her sale to Kahl Drogo by her brother, her fight against the Warlock of Qarth, her fight against the Masters at Slavers Bay. Throughout all of these trials, she said the one thing that keeps her going is her faith in herself. But Jon doesn’t care about her quest for the throne, he’s all about fighting the White Walkers and the Night King. Of course, Jon is one of the few people of Westeros who has actually seen then, let alone kill them, and Daenerys isn’t interested in them, because it sounds like a fairy tale. Tyrion even makes a “Walking Dead” mention when discussing the potential threat. The two are at an impasse.

Jon is concerned with the war to come, and she wants the war now, the one for the throne. How will they come to any type of agreement? Davos interjects and speaks about his (and everyone in the North’s) faith in Jon. He touts Jon’s accomplishments as Lord Commander at the Night’s Watch, to making peace with the Wildlings, to him becoming the King of the North. Davos mentions Jon’s stabbing (and resurrection), but Jon stops him before he goes too far. Too late though, because that line catches both Tyrion and Daenerys’ attention. Upon Varys’ entrance to tell Daenerys about her loss due to Euron, she then tells Jon and Davos that they will be escorted to their quarters as a (potential?) prisoner.

Later on, Jon and Tyrion have another chat where Jon reveals that the big thing he came for is dragon glass. This causes Tyrion to speak with Daenerys later on telling her that she should comply with Jon and allow him to mine the dragon glass for weapons to fight the White Walkers. While she doesn’t believe that the dead are coming, she agrees for the sake of a potential new alliance with the North.

In the capital, Cersei gets her present from Euron. He comes to King’s Landing as a conquering hero with Yara as well as the last surviving Sand Snakes on a leash and he parades them through the crowd. Surprisingly, the people of King’s Landing (forgetful of Cersei blowing a bunch of them up) are all on his side. As he enters the throne room to make his offering to Cersei, she agrees to have his hand in marriage, after the war. Knowing Cersei, she probably will not go through with it, and probably kill him sometime in the near future, but that doesn’t mean that Euron can’t spend some of his celebratory time taunting Jamie about the idea of having sex with his sister.

In a prison cell, Ellaria and her daughter are now in chains. Cersei comes in and has her victory taunt to Ellaria. She talks about how Oberyn died as a result of his taunting The Mountain. She also reflects on her daughter’s death at Ellaria poisonous kiss of death, and we all know where this is going… Yes, Cersei plants a wet one on Tyene’s lips and then reveals that she replicated the same poison that Ellaria killed Myrcella with. She then leaves Ellaria and her dying daughter to remain in the prison cell where she can watch her daughter die.

In Winterfell, turns out that Sansa is a much better leader than Jon will probably be. She’s preparing the North for the upcoming winter, which includes everything from ensuring they have a large amount of grain for everyone and preparing for a lot of people to come to Winterfell for refuge, she also points out that the soldiers need leather for their armor. Of course, she has Littlefinger cooing in her ear at the same time, but he can’t get too far into his “advice” when she receives a visitor at the gate. While we thought it was going to be Arya, it turns out to be Bran. After all, he’s closer to Winterfell than Arya was. He tries his best to explain his newfound Three-Eyed Raven powers, and he tells Sansa that he needs to see Jon (to tell him his true parentage). Bran also tells Sansa that he knows she suffered in the walls of their home, but he also saw how beautiful she looked wearing white on her wedding day (despite what happened afterwards, which Sansa remembers all too well).

Sam’s non-medical experience ended up saving Jorah’s life after that gruesome surgery and he’s clean of Grayscale. Jorah thanks him for saving him and then heads to search for Daenerys. Of course, Sam doesn’t get any special reward besides more work to do in the Citadel for the other maesters.

The Unsullied army ends up taking  Casterly Rock where they meet a not-so-well-guarded Lannister base. While Tyrion’s planning (thanks to a secret sewer entrance) went well, he once again underestimated his family. The brunt of the Lannister army instead stormed the Tyrell fortress at High Garden. That way Cersei could have all the gold she needed to still be in favor with the Iron Bank (money always talks), and she could finally take out yet another enemy.

Olenna knows the game is over and she awaits Jamie and her eventual death. As Jamie and she exchange their last words, he reveals that her death will be a painless poison death that he mixes in her wine. She talks with Jamie about Cersei, telling him what he already knows but is too scared to admit: she’s a heartless monster that will be the death of them all. Olenna gets the last laugh though. She finally tells him that it was she who poisoned his son Joffrey way back when, forcing Jamie to walk away in defeat (even though he and Cersei did win).

This is now two weeks in a row that Daenerys lost. Last week I said that she was due for a loss, but now she’s received two losses in a row. It looks like it’s now time for her to leave Dragonstone, hop on her dragons and lay fire to some Lannisters. It’s their turn to realize that they aren’t invincible. She and Jon might have started off rough, but they will need to eventually join forces, and Bran will eventually give him the news that he’s not Ned’s bastard but a Targaryen. Just hope that Daenerys and he won’t continue the family tradition of incest to cement their alliance.

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