It was going to be hard to match last week’s kickass, balls to the wall, super awesome dragon action third act of Game of Thrones. After all, we finally got to see Danny going to war with the Lannisters herself, riding on top of Drogon, and setting countless soldiers ablaze. She also had that massive Dothraki horde as well. Every single frame of that episode was epic and really upped the ante for a show that has consistently amazed us as each episode continues since its beginning. So with such a massive episode last week, how did this week’s episode of Game of Thrones go?

The episode begins in the aftermath of Daenerys onslaught against the Lannisters. When last week ended, Jamie was foolishly trying to spear her when she was trying to get one of the Scorpion arrows out of her dragon Drogon’s shoulder, only for the dragon to turn around and nearly barbeque him. Lucky for him, Bronn was able to tackle him from off his horse at the last moment to fall into the nearby river. It was sort of a cliffhanger Walking-Dead is-Glenn-dead-style, but luckily for us, that gets resolved within the first camera shot and Jamie and Bronn come from the water. Both Jamie and Bronn realize that Daenerys’s attack is a game changer. They met her on an open field and soundly got their asses kicked. There’s no telling what can happen if one of those dragons (or the Dothraki horde) makes it to Kings Landing. While Bronn has had Jamie’s back for quite some time, he even admits that he draws the line and dragons.

Speaking of Dragons, Daenerys has the survivors of the Lannister army now in captivity, and give them the opportunity to either bend the knee (she’s said that plenty of times this season) or die. Tyrion, trying to remain level headed, sees that she is becoming more and more like her father the mad king, eager to burn people she doesn’t like, tries to talk her out of doing such. Most of the Lannister army shudder at the sheer roar of Drogon. However, there are a few holdouts, namely the Tarlys. Randyll just swore his allegiance to Cersei, and wasn’t going to turn on her and back Daenerys and she was not even born in Westeros. He knows the rules of war and not completely surrendering. However, he did not count on his son Dickon’s familial loyalty. Randall even tries to get Dickon to surrender and bend the knee, but he refuses. The two of them are then reduced to ashes. With Daenerys showing that she means business, the rest of the Lannister army quickly drop to their knees in unison. Her unwavering is upsetting to Tyrion, but all he really can do is offer advice as Hand of the Queen, she has to actually listen, and right now she’s only listening to herself.

After she had officially defeated the Lannisters sans Jamie and Bronn, Daenerys returns back to Dragonstone. She arrives on Drogon and they land right in front of Jon Snow where the dragon comes face to face with Jon. This is a very foreshadowing moment as the dragon sniffs him and it seems that he recognizes that Jon is a Targaryen. The dragon, who up until now has only been cordial with Daenerys actually lets Jon pet it. Although we the audience know Jon’s true identity, it looks like more and more people (and dragons) will know soon enough. At the same time, Daenerys gets a new visitor, Jorah, completely cured of grey scale by Samcare has returned back to his queen, and as soon as he gets there, he’s once again back in the friend zone.

In Winterfell, Bran is using his Three-Eyed-Raven powers to actually see through a bunch of ravens. These ravens happen to be north of the wall and now see the army of the dead continuing their very, very long march towards the wall. They are marching towards Eastwatch, the castle that Tormund and his Wildlings are guarding. Bran immediately requests a raven send this info throughout the Seven Kingdoms.

Meanwhile, Sansa is feeling the brunt of complaints from the other Northern houses about Jon’s absence. Arya correctly picks up that Sansa isn’t really defending her brother, but rather a weak attempt at defending him. She tells Sansa that she really wants to rule instead, and not as a placeholder. Arya also knows that Littlefinger is up to no good and when the stealthly follows him, she see that he has obtained some sort of letter. Arya breaks into his quarters where she sees that the letter is the one that Sansa was forced to write to her brother when she was being held captive way back in season one. Arya takes the letter, to probably use to take her sister down a notch. However, this was all orchestrated by Littlefinger as he is also hiding in the distance.

Jon gets this message and realizes that he has to find a way to stop the Night’s King. Jon needs to leave Dragonstone so that he can continue his mission. Of course, he’s still Daenerys’ prisoner. At the same time, Tyrion and Varys are having a drink and trying to figure out a way to bring Daenerys back from the dark side to ensure she won’t become the Mad Queen. Varys tells him that Tyrion alone will have to find a way to ensure that everything works out. Of course, he hasn’t had a steady track record when it comes to planning this season. Later on, when Jon and Danny are discussing what happens next, Tyrion comes up with another crazy idea. The war needs to be put on hold. Daenerys, Jon, and Cersei need to stop bickering with each other and fight the real fight. Tyrion knows that convincing his sister will be almost impossible as White Walkers and wights are children’s fairy tales as far as she’s concerned. If Jon leaves (which we all know he has to) and captures one of the living wights to show as proof of the upcoming war, then they can sue for peace so that all armies can band together to fight the Night King. Tyrion heads to Kings Landing with Davos (being the expert smuggler he is) so that they can have an audience with Jamie (as he will listen to his brother), who will then have the Cersei’s ear for his proposal. A lot of things have to go off without a hitch for this plan to work out.

Jamie makes it back to Kings Landing and tries to tell his sister about the nightmare battle that he barely survived. He boldly tells her that this is a war they cannot win. She tells him that she will be able to hire more mercenaries now that all’s well with the Iron Bank. Jamie explains that mercenaries are nothing compared to the Dothraki, who kill for sport. Cersei still doesn’t budge and even continues her quest of revenge on Tyrion, who she still thinks killed Joffrey. Jamie then tells her the hard truth that Lady Olenna told her about Joffrey’s murder before she died. This makes Cersei wish she opted for a more painful death for her, but of course, she still hates Tyrion.

Later on, Bronn takes Jamie into the basement with all the dragon skulls to “continue his training,” but it was all a ruse so that he could set up a secret meeting with Tyrion and his long lost brother. Even though Jamie was angry and Tyrion for killing their father, he still loves his brother. Tyrion tells him of the plan. Jamie, later on, returns to talk with his sister about the meeting and what was proposed, but she already knew about it. Something that big wouldn’t be kept a secret for long no matter what. Cersei allowed the meeting to take place and after Jamie told her about a possible undead war, she starts thinking about how this could be used to their advantage. She also had some news of her own, she’s pregnant.

Davos also had his own mission while in Kings Landing. He had left someone there a few season ago, and he was now going to get them back. Gendry, one of Robert Baratheon’s countless bastard children smuggled away so that he would not be a sacrifice to the Red God to ensure Stannis’s victory has been hiding as a blacksmith in Kings Landing for the past three years without Cersei knowing about it. As soon as he saw Davos, he was ready to get out of dodge. When they get back to Dragonstone, Gendry and Jon bond on the fact that they are bastards who are very much like their father, but very different from them as well.

At the Citadel, the most important thing happened, and was quickly pushed aside. Sam, endlessly frustrated with his menial tasks given by the Maesters was doing some off the books studying when Gilly (whose ready is very good at this point) asked him was an annulment was. She just happened to be reading from the books when she came across the details that the High Septon issued an annulment for Rhaegar Targaryen so that he could be married to someone else. We know this is for Rhaegar and Lyanna Stark had baby Jon Snow, but if he annulled his marriage to Elia Martell and secretly married Lyanna, then Jon truly isn’t a bastard and actually has a stronger claim to the throne than Daenerys does. Sam was frustrated with his lack of meaningful work that he simply brushed it off as Gilly was telling him the details.

Jon finally left Dragonstone, and Jorah opted to go with him, Davos and Gendry as they go north of the wall to capture a wight. They soon meet up with Tormund, who just also has his own captives at Eastwatch, the members of the Brotherhood Without Banners. Much like a reluctant superhero team, they all realize they hate each other’s guts, but they all have the same end goal in mind. And like that, they form their own “Suicide Squad” and go through the wall in search of the undead. Next week looks to be fun as they go wight hunting.

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