It didn’t take Rick nine seasons after all for the creators of Rick and Morty nor did it take 97 more years: Dan Harmon and Justin Royland scored some for real and the Internet is abuzz with the news! It wasn’t just the co-creators either, the whole team behind the hit show got a chance to try some of the McDonald’s Teriyaki Szechuan Sauce made famous recently by the first episode in the third season (and the film Mulan it was used to promote all the way back in 1998). Not only did news of the tasting hit the web, they released a video of them trying it!

To be clear, it doesn’t appear that these folks got their hands on a brand new batch of the sauce, but instead, are trying a sample from nearly 20 years ago. They got it directly from McDonald’s according to this Tweet:

Is it new or old? Nobody knows, but they went ahead and gave it a shot. That’s brave. The writers and editors of NerdBastards applaud their attempt and hope nobody gets sick since we need these people creating new episodes of Rick and Morty!

The folks at McDonald’s hooked the creators up with a large, half-gallon bottle of the goo from Dimension C-1998M, a “dimension where it’s always 1998. 1998 every day. No smartphones, no social media. It’s a weird, scary place. But they’ve got Szechuan Sauce on the regular menu.” The letter accompanying the bottle was signed “Chef Mike”, one of the head chefs for the restaurant (Chef Michael Haracz). He also offered three bottles to some lucky fans, one of whom sold theirs for an insane amount of cash: $15,350 via an eBay auction that reached 111 bids. Since this stuff came from one of the chefs at the

Since this stuff came from one of the chefs at the restaurant, it’s safe to say it’s not vintage, but that’s only speculation at this point.

Here’s the video of them putting their gastrointestinal tracts on the line for the benefit of everyone’s entertainment:

For fans of Rick and Morty, there couldn’t be anything greater than these guys’ and their antics online. If you missed the episode in question, first of all, you should be ashamed of yourself! Secondly, here is the scene for reference:

Rick and Morty airs Sunday at 11:30 PM (EST) on ComedyCentral… and it usually streams live online as well!


Szechuan Sauce

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