If you haven’t seen last night’s episode of the The Flash, you may want to look away until you do. These reviews contain plenty of spoilers and don’t tend to hold back on any kind of speculation. Titled, “The Flash Reborn” this week’s premiere episode saw the return of Barry Allen after ending last season by walking into the Speed Force with something that looked like his mother. While the series has been on a bit of a roll, the season premiered began with some mixed emotions. Of course, you had plenty of people who were happy to see the return of the Scarlet Speedster, but there were also some who thought Barry hadn’t been gone long enough. And there were even those who thought he should have stayed in there for an episode or two longer while everyone else worked to solve any personal issues that may have developed over the Summer.

The return of Barry Allen

The season premiere and the return of Barry were pretty much in sync with one another. That’s because it’s been roughly six months since the third season finale. The return has been a welcomed one for this writer as it was inevitable he would return. The questions at the end of last season were how and when. Of course, last night’s episode answered those questions. For other’s, though, his return seemed too quick. It seems that being away for only months doesn’t warrant any kind of missed feelings. Maybe he should have been done for a year or two? That seems like a long time. Long enough where the rest of the characters would be forced to adapt to the idea that Barry would be gone forever. That was seen on Iris’ face and the result was a tougher and more controlling persona. If Cisco and Wally had become like Iris, their missing optimism would have changed the dynamic of the premiere. No thank you to the sad and gloomy Team Flash.

The writings on the wall

The writers looked to waste no time once Barry was back from the Speed Force. And it didn’t take Iris long to become his anchor once again. But what was all that writing Barry was doing on the walls? No one knows right now, and there’s no way it translates into what Cisco thought the writings meant. Remember the writings, because it’ll definitely play a part somewhere down the line this season.

The main villain is NOT a speedster

Finally, at the end of the episode we got a glimpse of the big bad guy for this season. And for once, it won’t be a speedster. The Thinker is one of DC’s greatest super villains of all time. He’s surely going to put Barry towards his limits when it comes to solving things with his brain rather than his speed. This was also another point where the show is not wasting any time this season with jumping into the meat of things. There’s usually been some misdirection about the villain, but it seems there’s no holding back. The show just went “WHAM!” Here’s your villain.

All things considered, this was definitely the weakest season premiere thus far and merits a rating of “meh.” Anyone else think the show should stick with a more frosty Caitlin Snow? But kudos to the return of Barry Allen

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