As high as the season premiere episode reached last week, this week’s episode fell short of wowing audiences again. It’s too be expected though. You can’t keep up the wow factor from opening night to the next. Titled, “Mixed Signals,” the episode sent mixed signals throughout the entire episode. After being locked up within the Speedforce one would think you’d go insane. But when Barry escaped, he had been acting as if everything was just as he had left. Of course, that was not the case, nor was it ever as viewers would discover later in the show.

Barry and Iris need to communicate better

In a partnership, communication is the key to survival. How does a person know when to slow down if someone doesn’t tell them? Six months may not seem like a long time, but it was enough to establish Iris as the new team leader in the absence of Barry. It makes perfect sense that there would be tension between the two. Barry only made things worse when he took the liberty of planning the couples’ wedding. However, as the episode continued, Iris’ issue with leadership wasn’t the core problem. It turns out that she was having trouble understanding why Barry left her in the first place.


This week’s villain was an excellent change in pace, and it’s great knowing this trend will continue for the rest of the season. Kilgore is just the first member of 12-person team that The Thinker is assembling, and if he’s any indication of what in store for Barry and Team Flash this season, then you should get excited.

It’s a shame that he was too hellbent on destroying his colleagues. With the amount of technology controlling our lives, a villain like Kilgore has the potential to destroy the world’s economy in the blink of an eye.

Barry’s super suit

What had to be the biggest blunder of the episode was Barry bringing that ridiculous suit to fight a villain like Kilgore. A suit like this could have been brought out for a bigger occasion, or at least upgrade the suit a little bit at a time. Instead they wear it to a fight against a villain who feeds off of technology and uses it against them.

Overall, this week’s episode was a little lackluster because of some missed opportunities. But do not fret. It’s only the second episode. Things like this are bound to happen. But take a look at a preview for next week’s new episode of The Flash.

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