Jay and Silent Bob are back! In POG form. No, scratch that. The dopest fat guy and little guy combo in history, are back for another groovy movie… well sorta. And no, it’s not Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, the long awaited/promised sequel/reboot to Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Nah, this be a little teaser… of the VR variety. 

Jay and Silent Bob. One is fat and doesn’t talk (except for the rare moment to wax lyrical) and the other doesn’t shut up and is the sweetest perv in Jersey. These beloved stoners, created by Kevin Smith (who plays Silent Bob) have been around since the early 90s when they first appeared in Smith break out sub-cult fav Clerks. Appearing in a succession of Smith works in Mallrats, Chasing, Amy, Dogma and even a guest appearance in Wes Anderson’s Scary Movie 3. The hapless and hopeless characters peaked in their first solo flick Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (still one of the best movie soundtracks ever!). Since their last on screen appearance in Clerks 2, Smith moved away from his View Askew Universe, and its rogues gallery of characters including Jay and Silent Bob, to do more interesting and weirder stuff like Red State, Tusk, and Yoga Hosiers. With all that auteur stuff now out of his system, Smith is back to his old habits. For a while now, he’s been talking up his script for a reboot/sequel to Jay and Silent Bob which has the duo stopping the reboot of their own movie – Jay And Silent Bob Reboot, as it is aptly titled. It is supposedly Smith’s next project one financing is secured. Until then, Smith dusting of Bob’s trench coat early….

Tracking Board reports, that Smith and STX Entertainment’s Surreal division are working on a Jay and Silent Bob VR experience.

Original short-form, live-action comedy series from Kevin Smith (Clerks). Smith will write, direct and produce the series, which stars his longtime collaborator Jason Mewes (Mallrats) as they revisit fan-favorite characters Jay and Silent Bob. Shot entirely from the perspective of Bob, viewers will embody the silent fanboy himself while alpha-slacker Jay leads the way through a string of idiotic adventures

Jay and Silent Bob VR is just one of several VR projects in development announced by STX Entertainment’s Surreal division, which handles VR and immersive entertainment production for the company.

In addition the Smith’s View Askew movie universe, Jay and Bob have starred in countless comic books, animated series, and even a video game. Now VR is the next frontier. What wacky adventures will these stoner losers find themselves in for a worth while VR experience? Just gonna have to wait and find out. Let’s just hope it doesn’t involve Jay filling a cup, a donkey show, or something that prompts to user/viewer to say “oh, what a lovely tea party” afterwards. Not sure what platform it will be available in either but it will undoubtedly cost 15 bucks, little man.

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