So this is clearly not conducive to today’s climate/culture, what with the #MeToo and #TimeUpMovement (keep it going ladies, duders and everyone in-between!) but dare we say this Evil Dead female Ash statue is sexy as hell. Or at the very least, a lot easier on the eyes than Bruce Campbell

Kotoukiya are known for their pop culture statues and, well, this one might be their very best… if not their most grooviest.

The Evil Dead franchise has been popular for 30 plus years and the fandom is still going strong. Everyone loves Ash, the ego-centric ass kicking deuce bag. Sure, he might be the embodiment of toxic masculinity but gosh darn if his chain saw hand, shot gun he calls his “boom stick”, cool-guy one liners and curiously strong chin don’t make him one of the coolest reluctant heroes of all time! You would think girls would hate this guy. They don’t. Well… some do but that’s beside the point. Girl fandom for Ash Williams is so strong, that people of the female variety are cosplaying as him at conventions more and more.

Riding off that increasing appeal, comes Kotoukiya’s gender-swapped version of the horror icon. Move over Bruce Campell… your chin might kill but so does this curvaceous statue.

The latest entry in Kotobukiya’s Horror BISHOUJO series is the long-awaited Ash Williams from Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn! Ash’s appearance is expertly translated into the BISHOUJO style by series illustrator Shunya Yamashita.

Reflecting the violent nature of the film, Ash’s clothes are tattered, exposing her robust form. Ash stands on an exquisitely detailed base modeled after the floor of the cabin from the film, with a decomposing hand peeking out from the cellar door. The Necronomicon Ex-Mortis is detached, allowing you to display it wherever you like. The contrast between the bold, Chainsaw-Brandishing hero and the intricate details in the craftsmanship make this BISHOUJO one you won’t want to miss!

The 1/7 scale Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn – Female Ash Williams Bishoujo Statue stands roughly 9″ tall atop a cabin floor themed base. It’s currently available for pre-order and is priced at $89.99. Order HERE.

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