Netflix has announced that it has ordered Season 3 of Marvel’s Jessica Jones just a month after Season 2 was released. With Disney’s streaming service on the cusp of happening, it wasn’t immediately clear how this Netflix/Marvel TV series would be impacted since it’s bound to be a lot further down the road than the previously announced Punisher second season and the third season of Daredevil, but now fans can breathe a sigh of relief.

While Netflix is notoriously secretive about releasing any viewership information, it’s safe to say the renewed Jessica Jones must be doing pretty well and, according to Rotten Tomatoes, critics and audiences seem to be up on the show’s second season with an 87% score from critics and 70% mark from audiences.

Obviously, we don’t know much about what Season 3 will look like for the show or the imperfect (drinking, brawling, etc) hero, but we have some (spoilerish) suspicions. First, they’ll have to address Trish’s latest identity crises, which leaves fans wondering if she’ll go full villainess or stay on Jones’ side? Will boyfriend Oscar play a major role in the next season? Can Jessica manage to get herself together and fix the relationships she has shattered? For now, we’ll have to sit back and anxiously await for the first Season 3 trailer to break out before we get a clue.

No release date has been issued yet but that hasn’t stopped fans from being excited.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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