There is no question that Deadpool rules the Fox stable of Marvel characters.  While, originally, Deadpool was simply a way to thumb a nose at DC Comics’ Deathstroke at his conception, the Merc with a Mouth has taken on a life of his own, carving out the most vulgar and wall-breaking character of the Marvel Universe.  Considering his romps through history, his utter destruction of the Marvel Universe, and that, oh-so-wonderful charm, Deadpool is a character that has always been ripe for the pickings.  After the success of 2016’s Deadpool, fans have been eager to see what the chimichanga loving anit-hero has been doing in the years since they last saw him.  Well, if the newest promo video is any indication, Wade Wilson has been doing ok by himself.

After Deadpool revealed that Wade happens to have a pension for older music and iconic songs, it’s no wonder that the songstress of the North, Celine Dion, would want to approach the blockbuster star for a music video for its blockbuster sequel. And, god damn, what a music video it is:

Look, there is no one here trying to convince you that your heart will go on. No one is telling you that you are King of the World. Yet, somehow, combined with Deadpool’s interpretive dance, we all feel that our hearts will, in fact, go on, in spite of Disney’s refusal to include Deadpool in its stable of heroes.

When it comes to the pile of ash, do you think Deadpool may survive?


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