You know what’s fun or rather NOT fun? Checking out the User Reviews sections of both Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 1 And Vol 2 on After reading the sea of effusively negative reviews (which is what this writer made the fatal mistake in doing prepping for this article/review) one might pause for second and question whether or not these were delightfully fun movies. You know what…STRIKE that, don’t go down that rabbit hole. Don’t let anyone shit in your cornflakes. These movies are joyful nonsense with charm, action, and heart… and we wouldn’t have them any other way! And hey, at the very least, they star Chris Pratt. Yeah…let’s talk about “The Pratt”. Oh what a glorious beefcake of a man, with his twin Pew Pew guns (his actual guns, not his well defined arms), cocky attitude, appealing charisma, and amicable buffoonery. He’s a “Star-Lord” indeed, amiright? Alright…alright… enough with homoerotic/man-crush overtones here. Sufficed to say, Christ (that was a typo but oops happy accident) Pratt’s Star-Lord, is one of Marvel Universe BEST if not most affable characters

Hey…psst… want a little piece of this swashbuckler in the stars? Well…Pratt is single now but that’s a Christian Mingle you’ll never catch. What you CAN do, however, is buy up the bestest little Star-Lord collectible this side of the Galaxy.  

The fiendishly fine folks at Hot Toys, have realized Pratt’s Star-Lord in 1/6th scale form. Well, actually they already did it once already with their first Star-Lord 1/6th scale figure from Guardians of The Guardians Volume 1. That figure itself was out of this world. This NEW figure from Vol 2. … oh man… it’s so money. Both in the literal (as in it’s expensive) and figurative sense.


The cardboard sleeve in which the boxed figure arrives is gorgeously designed.  The entire thing is fashioned to look like a cassette player, with the speaker printed (and textured like one too) with a profile of the now-iconic Star-Lord helmet. The “Awesome Mix vol. 2” cassette is visible through a window near the top, but the actual image of the cassette is printed on the card underneath, said card also being a “circuit board”covered in “microchips” upon which are printed the names of the people responsible for the figure itself (clever). The whole thing is straight-up 80’s and very Guardians-ish! On the mark with the style and personality that makes this franchise so uniquely fun. Now, if it only was a working cassette player with tune “Mandy”, now that would have been somethin’.

Oh, and no blaster or Infinity Stone required to release Star-Lord from his packaged confinement. The figure is easy to access from its cardboard slip-cover, and the interior accessories (of which there are an abundance) are efficiently organized and stored in the plastic inset. In other words, very collector friendly.


As if stepping from screen to real life, this hyper realistic figure stands 12.5 inches with 30 points of articulation and is fully decked out in all the fixings you’d expect from the galaxy’s mix tape-loving savior.

The facial sculpt is good, oh so good. Between the texturing and various skin color hues, tidy bronzed hair, scruffy facial hair and other subtleties, Hot Toys absolutely nailed the likeness of actor Chris Pratt. So much so that he looks realistic. That’s kinda the point of these toys, obviously, but still… look at that mug, LOOK AT IT! The smirking/stern expression captures the mischievous demeanor insanely well.

He comes wearing a meticulously detailed and finely tailored short red leather jacket. It is completely screen accurate right down to the shoulder pad, buckles, rivets, molded in-padding, ribbing, and silky interior lining. As a nice touch, the lapel that folds back and holds into place via a magnet. Removing the jacket (with real working zipper), reveals Star Lords grey long sleeved top with unique logo.

Moving on down, Star-lord is sportin’ his brown leather belt with silver belt buckle which is also removable. The military style cargo pants match the jacket with the same amount of detail on them. On the hips, are holsters where Star-lord’s guns clip into place. Lastly are his black red boots with red shin guards.

As is often the case, the detailed outfit can get in the way of some of the more extreme poses you can achieve without it. Still you can get some good poses in the head/neck, particularly this time as they’ve given him a rubber upper torso so the neck moves as well. He also has the boots with the separate foot/calf the previous figure lacked, giving him more potential for posing there. Overall, its splendid the near-unlimited poses you can put Star-Lord in.



This figure comes paired with a copious amount of extras. Oh so many extras.

Starting with the hands, and there’s a total of 11. Four are gloved – a set of fists and a set of grips. Then there’s a bare set of fists, gun grips, and wide grips, with one extra bare left for gripping some of the specific accessories.

The deluxe edition of this figure includes Star-Lord’s iconic long red overcoat which is beautifully and fastidiously detailed, even more so than the short jacket. It is also highly pose-able thanks to the thin wire along the outside allowing manipulation for many dynamic Anime-esque action poses.

Additional accessories include Star Lords scarf, purple sleeve shirt (from the opening scene in the movie) with a black textured design, 2 necklaces, and of course, his signature 1980’s portable audio cassette player and Vol 2. Cassette.

His two blasters look fantastic. They have a cool clip-on attachment at the hips, and are specific to left and right. With the graphene-like handles, and the multi-colored blue/purple and darkened scorch marks on the blasters tips, the paint scheme/detail is unexpectedly good.

The figure is also accompanied by a high detailed jet pack with a convincing metallic paint finish. It clips on with front and back piece, which is easy enough assemble on/off but also nerve racking as it feels like it will break/snap.

The optional interchangeable Star-Lord helmeted head features a light up option which can be operated by removing the helmet back-plate and turning the switch on.  Getting the batteries in place, however, is painstakingly difficult. Hope you were great at the game Operation as a kid, cause the patience and surgical finesse to get the batteries inserted is enough to send a 50+ year practicing Tibetan monk go off his rocker and descend into madness. The effect, though, is worth the trouble. That red light beaming from the eyes looks stellar!

As a supplemental display option, Star-Lord also comes with activating mode helmet piece, which fits around the existing head portrait and connects in 4 pieces. The engineering on this was well thought out, and once assembled the lines in between each piece are seamless.

The figure also includes an adorable baby Groot that attaches to stone displace base and Star-Lords shoulder via a magnet. Cute.

Lastly, like every Hot Toys figure, he comes with a standard display base and support rod, with graphics based on the second film. It’s nice and serves its purpose but some might find having a metal hook cradle a figures crotch takes away from the realism.

CRITICISM (The Not So Good Stuff)

Complaint? Supposing you find it absolutely necessary to have something/anything to bemoan then sure… the cassette player is not screen accurate. It is missing the silver color siding. That and the headphones do not disconnect, nor does the cassette player open. Also the long coat does not close/zipper in the front. And, well, the figures ankles and knee joints are a tad to loose, making the figure topple over under its own weight depending on the pose. The clothing durability also seems iffy, highly susceptible to breaks/rips – the faux leather material seems the type to break down and flake over time. And there’s that issue in getting the batteries in the helmet. OK, so there are a few minor quibbles but otherwise, as far as collectors are concerned, this figurine is perfection personified.


Above par by Hot Toys Standards. Seriously, Hot Toys has made 300+ figurines in their Movie Masters series and this is the top of the crop. Between the thorough tailoring, eerily life-like head sculpt, ample accessories and various display options, this is a shining example of what a high end figurine can be. So much thought and engineering went into this figure. It really is marvelous and completely justifies the $251.99 price tag. If only all Hot Toys figures could be this good.


Where to get it? Well sideshows website of course: As of this review, Star-Lord is no longer available but potential buyers can join a “wait list” and get there names in for the second more figures are released.


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