70 More Episodes of Rick and Morty On The Way

You might not have seen an episode of Rick and Morty before, but chances are you know exactly who the nihilistic Rick and his neurotic grandson are. If you have seen an episode, you’ve probably seen ALL the episodes several times and have begun to wub-a-lub-a-dub-dub to Justin Roiland’s Twitter post revealing there are enough new episodes coming to keep the show on screens for years to come.

Not so long ago, the long wait for season three of the cult-favourite had fans wondering just how long the show would last. And when, as we reported at the time, series co-creator Dan Harmon admitted the writing process for that season was full of fights and creative differences with other co-creator, Roiland, fans feared the worst. At least until Harmon cleared up the nature of the ‘fights’ on Twitter.

Of course, Season three of the show finally made it to the airwaves when the first episode debuted in uniquely Rick and Morty fashion. There’s probably not an alternate reality, timeline or dimension where NerdBastards readers aren’t aware of the events of season three. Suffice to say it expanded the lore of the show with new story-arcs and new characters like Pickle Rick, while keeping the focus on family life in a now broken home prominent amongst its themes.

Fortunately, a Twitter announcement from Roiland has given fans of Rick and Morty reason to get schwifty! Adult Swim has placed an order for 70 new episodes. Potentially keeping the show alive and running until at least season ten.

The Twitter post featured a Roiland sketch of the two characters and a simple announcement in hastag format: #theydrawingit. When you consider that so far only 30-odd episodes of the show have even been made, the sheer immensity of the order is put into context.

Bearing in mind the show has already sown the seeds for a wealth of epic story arcs and the knowledge this latest news ensuring Harmon and Roiland have all the narrative space to do them justice over the next few years, Rick and Morty’s many fans could be in for some very special shenanigans.



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