Ron Howard’s 1988’s Willow is a wonderful fantasy film. An old-fashioned medieval adventure imbued with with sorcerers, dwarfs, warriors, and fantastical creatures. There’s betrayal, redemption, action, and the scariest double headed monkey poop dragon you’ve ever seen.  The movie is just one exciting ride after the other. All-in-all , it’s a wonderfully weird piece of cinema that only the eighties could have produced.

A beloved staple from you childhood. You know what that means, right? Yep, revive the property and make it a potential franchise!

After 3 decades, Howard is starting to think about a sequel to the classic fantasy film.

Howard told ComicBook

In the movie, Willow (Warwick Davis) encounters the infant Elora, who is prophesied to destroy the evil Queen Bavmorda. Willow teams up with the charismatic swordsman Madmartigan (Val Kilmer) to protect the child and fulfill her destiny.

In a Reddit AMA, Howard said he looks back at the movie with a mixture of fondness and regret:

“You know there are things about the movie Willow, as much affection as I have for it and as much affection as fans have for it that, you know, I would love to have a second chance with,” he wrote in response to a question about a sequel.

And I think today I could make it even more dynamic, I could make it cooler, I could make the funny stuff funnier, but all that said, you know Willow was a great experience and I’m really glad it sort of lives in peoples memory,”

Dunno how much of a fan demand there is for a Willow sequel but the world and its characters are certainly worth revisiting. This is one revival fans can get behind.

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