Okay, by now, it’s fairly safe to assume you know who Marvel’s fourth-wall-breaking Canadian mutant merc-with-a-mouth, Deadpool, is. If not, he’s the star of a whole tonne of comic books, a video game and not one, but two, of his own eponymous films. Of course, that’s not enough for Mr Pool (aka Wade Wilson). Nope, Deadpool, with a little help from his tireless promo team, is branching out into other films.

Most people are expecting the latest movie to rake in the dollars, but just because the first film was a box-office juggernaut and, for a time, the highest grossing R-rated movie ever to grace screens, the promo team can’t rest on their laurels. Not that anyone would accuse them of that.

Far from it. Deadpool 2’s marketing team has picked up where they left off with the original and has entertained audiences with fresh and rewarding promotional material. At times, you don’t even realise they’re pitching a product at you. Their content is so rewarding it just feels like more Deadpool – and that’s a good thing.

With that in mind, have a look at their latest promo. This one rolled out in Wal-Mart and it features Deadpool commandeering the covers of a whole bunch of famous movies.

There’s everything from Fight Club to Edward Scissorhands, Cast Away to My Cousin Vinny, War for the Planet of the Apes to Speed and my two favourites, Predator and The Terminator. It doesn’t end there though. He’s plastered all over the X-Men movies too. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been able to make his way onto any of the regular MCU box-covers, but the selection available makes for a sweet-ass collector’s item.

It’s almost a shame they haven’t been able to digitally alter the original films inside the adapted box-covers. Who wouldn’t want to see Deadpool punch Brad Pitt or tell John Connor to, “Get down!” before he pumps the T-1000 full of lead and tea bags it? I know I certainly would.

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