Has Daredevil Season 3 Cast Bullseye?


Daredevil is the show that launched Marvel’s hefty presence on Netflix. With a dark and grimy street-level aesthetic, it and the other Marvel shows on the streaming service provide a grounded counterpoint to most of Marvel’s cinematic universe. Daredevil went back to basics with a story arc that borrowed liberally from Frank Miller’s iconic stints at the helm of the comic and over time many of the characters Miller either created or made his own have appeared in the show. One in particular though has largely been absent. Until now. If reports are true, the show may have its Bullseye.

Bullseye, one of Daredevil’s arch-nemeses and a deadly marksman with any projectile weapon, isn’t a character Miller created, but he’s certainly one the legendary writer used to great effect during his time on Daredevil, arguably making him one of Marvel’s most well-known villains. Fans of the comic – and the television series – have been wondering just when we’d see the dead-eyed assassin enter the grungy world of Netflix’s Marvel. According to That Hashtag Show, it could be soon.

With news that Hart of Dixie’s Wilson Bethel has been cast as an FBI agent named Steve, comes the line of thinking that he may actually be an iteration of the Bullseye character Jason Aaron used in Punisher Max. That version of the character changed the marksman’s real name from Lester or Benjamin Poindexter to Sheldon Pendergrass. Regardless of which one the show eventually introduces, one thing is certain: there are trying times ahead for Daredevil – and probably Elektra as well.

It’s probably worth mentioning at this point that at the time of writing, Bethel’s role as Bullseye hasn’t been confirmed – especially considering the potentially confusing nature of the speculation regarding Steve, Lester, Benjamin or Sheldon – but many believe Bullseye was foreshadowed as early as Season 1.

There’s a school of thought that says the sniper with the ace of spades in his bag may well have been Bullseye. Further to that, we even reported at one point that Jason Statham was being touted as the man to play the character.

Bethel is best known for his role on Hart of Dixie. If Bullseye is being introduced properly in season three and Bethel will assume the role, he’ll have big shoes to fill.

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