Thundercats is a classic cartoon that aired from 1985-89. Which starred Lion-O and his friends, Tygra, Cheetara and, of course, Snarf battled the evils of Mumm-Ra after fleeing their own world. The popular franchise produced a line of toys, video games and comics following the adventures of Lion-O and his friends. In 2011, Thundercats made a return to television only to be cancelled after one season. The new series called, Thundercats Roar, has both a good and bad history to live up to.

Thundercats Roar will be released on Cartoon Network. The new series also has Sam Register as the executive producer of the new series. Sam is also the executive producer of the popular DC show, Teen Titans Go!. Based on the trailer that was released, Sam is going to have the same style and animation of the popular DC series. While this works with Teen Titans Go!, the question still remains if this will help the Thundercats series starting in 2019.

Thundercats was rebooted in 2011, but failed to develop a relationship with old and new viewers. Even though, critics enjoyed the show. If anything, this is the last hope for the Thundercats franchise. While it could alienate older fans (and very likely will – this is nit your parents Thundercats, that’s for sure), it could bring in fans from Teen Titans Go!, or even develop their own fan base.

Overall, Thundercats was originally released at the perfect time in 1985. It blended in so well with the other shows on the air at the time. While it compared to He-Man, it was still entirely  different. Thundercats really didn’t compete against shows, they worked together. If Thundercats Roar is scheduled near Teen Titans Go!,  then the show could succeed. If it’s put somewhere completely separate, then it could fall the same fate of the 2011 Thundercats.

Here’s hoping I hear another generation shouting “Thunder… Thunder… THUNDERCATS, HOOOO!”

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