Announcements have been made for what’s next in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Are we getting the Avengers 4 title? Of course not. Instead, we received casting news for the untitled Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel. So who is joining Tom Holland in the sequel?

Ladies and gentleman, Jake Gyllenhall will be playing the role of Mysterio. The last time we had news on Mysterio being in a Spider-Man movie, Bruce Campbell was rumored for the role in the cancelled Spider-Man 4 movie. Since then, not much has been heard of. Mysterio was rumored to be part of the Sinister Six film from Sony, but no castings were ever made.

So, who is Mysterio and why should we be excited for Jake Gyllenhall to play him? While he is a villain with decent combat ability and scientific background, Mysterio will probably be playing the illusionist angle the most. This will allow Mysterio to be like a character from Now You See Me beating Spider-Man with illusions, rather than beat him up like Vulture or Thanos did. Spider-Man will probably be swinging into a cartoon wall at some point.

In more Spider-Man sequel news, Michael Keaton is confirmed to return as Vulture. We last saw Vulture in jail talking to Scorpion (we know it’s him) about not knowing who Spider-Man knows. What can this mean for Spider-Man? Will Vulture want Spider-Man for himself? Time will tell. One thing is certain, Vulture coming back is huge, as the only villain to return in the MCU was Loki. And let’s be honest, having Michael Keaton in multiple MCU films is a good thing. Even though… He’s Batman.

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