For almost two years, Nintendo has been knocking things out of the park. Well, the NES Classic was an issue, but it wasn’t the concept it was the process. The popularity of the NES Classic was the reason why we received the (and highly superior) SNES Classic. Oh, and then there’s the Nintendo Switch, which is hard to keep on shelves. What could Nintendo do to keep the money flowing into the company? Just trademarking N64, which could mean the N64 Classic is on the way!

With the N64 Classic possibly being on the horizon, let’s talk about the games that could be with the system. If the console implements the same four player games, the possibilites could be endless. Obviously Super Mario 64, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, Star Fox 64 and Paper Mario. If there is the possibility for the four controller port, we would have all the Mario Parties, Mario Kart 64 and Wave Race 64. There is that hope that we can get Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, Rogue Squadron or South Park 64 (it’s a fun game!).


Some of the games we definitely won’t get with the N64 Classic will be all of the Rare titles. The fact that GoldenEye won’t be part of the N64 Classic is pretty upsetting. It should be noted that any Rare title not being on the N64 Classic isn’t Nintendo’s fault. Nintendo no longer has the rights to those titles, as Microsoft bought Rare back in 2002. Nintendo could possibly get Donkey Kong 64 or Diddy Kong Racing, but no one knows the details when it comes to Nintendo owned characters.


While the Rare titles probably won’t be included with the N64 Classic, here’s hoping we receive classic wrestling like No Mercy and classic Capcom like Resident Evil 2 added to the games. However, with Nintendo’s sense of humor lately, I’m sure we will get Superman 64 as a secret game on the console. Such a terrible game…

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