Not all heroes wear capes and for one North Carolina native, that’s especially true for Devyn Nicole, an up and coming writer, new to the comic book industry. Nicole recently completed her first major release, Zara: The Beginning for Heroic Icon, an independent publisher and is bringing her message to the world, but more importantly, to underprivileged children. Nicole’s work isn’t just about creating new and exciting characters for people to read, she works hard to promote creativity to young people with the message created for Heroic Icon, Where Everyone Can Be A Hero™

Nicole isn’t just one of those creators who wants to get their newest project out there for people to purchase; she is actively working in low-income neighborhoods for the sole purpose of motivating children. In February 2018, she started her “Be a Hero” tour, which has taken her to public and small private schools throughout North Carolina and Arlington, Virginia. Nicole makes stops at schools where she can meet with young people and spread the word that any child could be a hero.

As a woman of color, Nicole has worked hard to establish herself in the industry and wanted to promote her accomplishments to the next generation. Her latest creation, Zara is not only a superheroine, but a woman of color herself. When asked how she came up with the concept, she said, “It was just a thought. I was thinking what does the world needed, and the first time that came to mind was superheroes of color.”

Nicole was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina where she attended West Charlotte High School. After graduating, she went on to bigger and better things at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida where she began a focus in film. After spending some time in the program, she came to the realization that creativity wasn’t something that could be taught and decided to dis-enroll. Nicole returned to her hometown and worked to save enough money so she could move to Las Angeles, California, which is where she now resides.

It was in L.A. that Nicole set her sights on breaking into the comic book industry. While comics have developed into a diverse form of media in recent years, Nicole felt there could and should be more representation of people of color so she decided she could fill a niche while simultaneously helping young people. “Devyn Nicole is a woman of color whose goal is to inspire people around the world. She strives to reach her dreams while helping young women do the same.”

An unimaginable world housing unidentified species, all originating from other planets, offers more than its rare beauty. With vibrant colors pouring from all corners of the euphoric dimension, pain is unanimously removed and instead, peace, love, and joy reside within the hurt-free world of Planet Nasser; where heroes from the universe – near and far – unite and wait for the missions to complete, with hope to maintain order among humankind. She’s up next. Bred from this dimension, but born on Planet Earth… ZARA!

Zara: The Beginning #1 was debuted at the VIEW Conference in Turin, Italy in 2017. The VIEW Conference is focused primarily on the development of computer graphics, Visual Effects (VFX), 3D animation, film, and related media. Nicole was welcomed to the conference where she presented the premiere copy of Zara to the world and talked about her work breaking into the medium. Nicole’s time at Full Sail is helping her with her next project: bringing Zara to a new medium in television. Work is currently ongoing in bringing her superheroine of color to the small screen though her efforts are still in the preliminary stages of development. Keep an eye on NerdBastards for news and updates on this and future releases from Devyn Nicole and Heroic Icon!
Sources:  Heroic Icon & an interview with the creator who can be found on Instagram, Twitter, and Fecebook.

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