5 Extreme Titles You Could See On Netflix

 Deadpool has taken the movie-going world by storm. Rob Liefeld, the creator of Deadpool, left Marvel to help form Image Comics, and later split from Image with his Extreme Studios to form Awesome Comics. Liefeld recently sold the film rights for more than 50 characters to Netflix for a seven-figure payout. Deadpool is now a household name, but who can we expect to see from Netflix and their Extreme characters? Here are 5 titles we could soon be binge watching.

Avengelyne is a name that’s been bouncing around since 2013 for a possible film adaptation. Avengelyne is an angel modeled after former Vampirella model Cathy Christian. Cathy is credited for helping Liefeld create the character back in the 90s who battles the forces of evil. In 2013, Liefeld and Gina Carano announced they were working on a big-screen adaptation. In late 2016, Akiva Goldsman, who helped secure the Netflix deal, was attached as the intended producer.
Supreme was created by Liefeld to be a violent, arrogant version of DC’s Superman for Image comics. After establishing 40 issues for the character, Alan Moore took over. Moore started over, converting the character into a kind of love-letter to the silver-age Superman. Supreme fought through the 30s to the 60s before taking off into space, finding his way back to Earth in 1996 after losing his memory to a mystic foe. Whether continuing on with Moore’s version or reverting Supreme back to Liefeld’s original vision for the character, there’s a lot here to explore as a kind of satire of the traditional comic book Superhero.
In a world ruled by Lord Sharpe, a tyrant crime lord, Re:Gex is a team of mutants and cyborg who fight for peace and justice. Re:Gex was written by none other than Jeph Loeb, Marvel’s Executive Vice President of their television subsidiary. Mutants, cyborgs, angels, corrupt governments, Re:Gex has the potential to get weird.
Bloodstrike started as the name of a team of government assassins that, when killed in battle, are resurrected through Project Born Again. The team once sported Chapel on their roster. Chapel was the character who killed Al Simmons before Simmons made a deal with the devil to become Spawn. Later, after his teammates are presumably destroyed beyond resurrection, Cabbot Stone, the last remaining member of Bloodstrike, takes the name for himself. A team of government assassins with a conspiracy plot would sure make for some good TV. (Note: That’s not Wolverine at the bottom of that picture. That’s an Extreme character called Deadlock.)
Youngblood is a team of superheroes, hired by the U. S. Government. The initial idea for Image’s Youngblood was that the superheroes of today would be treated as celebrities and athletesYoungblood‘s main roster included heroes, Shaft, Badrock, Link, Vogue, Diehard,  and the previously mentioned Chapel. Inspired by Teen Titans, a team of superhero celebs would be right at home on Netflix.
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We could see all of these properties and more grace our screens. Maybe we’ll even get a cameo from Liefeld’s greatest creation – The Pouch. Do you have a favorite Extreme character? Someone you’re hoping to see? Or a specific casting for a favorite character? Let us know in the comment below or hit us up on Facebook.

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