The beginning of May gave us some heart-wrenching news. Some of our favorite shows faced cancellation, some of which had been written into cliffhangers or were going to leave story lines left unresolved. But like winged angels from on-high, three networks swooped in and saved three shows and left fans rejoicing and singing their praises. But that’s only part of the story. Fans and crew alike took to social media to campaign for the survival of their shows. Which shows found their second chance?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine was the first show to announce it’s resurrection. The very next day NBC announced it would continue Brooklyn Nine-Nine with a 13 episode 6th season. Universal, NBC’s sister studio, produces the show. NBC originally shopped the show around to other networks with Fox giving them be the best offer. NBC being in cahoots with Universal made the move contractually easier than if it were to move to another network or streaming service. Some big names, along with a horde of fans, ranted and raved about the show and its cancellation. It may not make much money, reportedly drawing mediocre ratings, but the goodwill it will create for NBC from fans made this pick-up a no-brainer.



Critics had lauded The Expanse as the most politically relevant show on television. The news of its cancellation stirred fans into a frenzy, spawning everything from online petitions and hashtags to a GoFundMe that raised money to have #SaveTheExpanse flown around Amazon headquarters on a giant banner. While the petition was to both Netflix and Amazon, it may have been the banner that was the tipping point. A little over two weeks after the announcement that Syfy was letting the show go, Amazon stepped in with the save. Adding The Expanse to AmazonPrime sweetens the pot for those who don’t have the service yet and meets the studio’s mission to find more shows with a global appeal. Sci-Fi fans can rest easy, even if they’re not resting with Syfy.


A month after it’s announced cancellation by Fox, Lucifer might be the most hard-won of the saved shows. Netflix (ba-bong!) announced it will pick up the 4th season of the former Fox show based on the Vertigo comic by the same name. Fans and actors alike have been campaigning hard to get this show renewed elsewhere. Everyone involved began to sweat as contract deadlines ended June 16th. Cutting it close with a June 15th announcement, Netflix (ba-bong! That was the last time, I promise.) has ordered 10 episodes with two “bonus” episodes made for the fourth season at Fox. Actors and fans worked tirelessly to make sure streaming ratings rose and their love for the series stayed visible. The series lead, Tom Ellis, even appeared on the BBC to discuss the movement that came about to save the show.


It seems with every cancellation fans and crew alike look to streaming networks to save their shows. It means a boost in ratings for the network and the adoration and gratitude of fans. Shows like Longmire and Star Wars: The Clone Saga found a home on Netflix for at least one last season, two in the case of Longmire. While Netflix doesn’t share its ratings, Rotten Tomatoes gives Longmire and The Clone Saga high marks, Longmire getting an 86% audience rating and The Clone Saga received 94%. So it looks like our saved shows may be in good hands and could see conclusions to their stories that will give fans and cast members much-needed closure.



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