Ever since the smash hit that was IT floated above expectations, every company with Stephen King properties has been itching to jump on the money train. King’s work has always been often adapted, commonly tossed about Hollywood, but the current surge’s quality and impact is impressive, overall. There are at least 28 or more Stephen King tales being considered, be it trapped development hell all the way up to upcoming productions. Today, we look over what the king of horror and prolific work might have in store for us, in theaters and on the small screen. 

Castle Rock

One of the most well-known, upcoming adventures is a TV show called Castle Rock. This is a show planning to intertwine several of King’s stories. Think Marvel Cinematic Universe, but on Hulu, and Stephen King style. The story follows Andre Holland, a death-row attorney. He left town after his father was killed and hadn’t returned since. Until now, at least. The show will also star Bill Skarsgard, the man who played Pennywise in IT. Its highly anticipated and will be premiering on Hulu on July 25th.

Doctor Sleep

This book was the 2013 sequel to one of King’s most famous works, The Shining. It follows Danny as an adult, delving more into these psychic powers he has and the dangers that come with them. Warner Bros.’ is working on the film and has pinned down Ewan McGregor to play the adult Danny. As The Shining is one of the most beloved King tales, it’ll be interesting how a film sequel will go. It will be directed by Mike Flanigan, who directed King’s Gerald’s Game for Netflix.

Drunken Fireworks

Drunken Fireworks is a short story about a mechanic and a retired mob boss who fight to have the best Fourth of July fireworks. Knowing King, that’s hardly the part where its most interesting. James Franco is set to star as the mechanic in this feud. Franco is also one of the producers of the film. While there is no set director yet, the production is already creating buzz.  


In Firestarter, a young girl gains pyrokinetic abilities. The story is about how a government agency abducts her to use her powers as a weapon. The new film adaptation was announced by Blumhouse at the Overlook Film Festival. Blumhouse has had recent horror hits in Split and Get Out, so a King adaptation is an exciting next step for them. Its screenplay is to be written by Oscar winning screenwriter Akiva Goldsman, of A Beautiful Mind and I am Legend.

IT: Chapter 2

Of course, after IT’s success, its second half is in the making. The original novel is a mix of the childhood terrors of our heroes facing Pennywise and them as adults coming back to try to save the town again. The film, to be easier to cinematically digest, split into just the children’s story and the second chapter will be their story as adults facing the terrible, hungry clown. Isaiah Mustafa (Mike), Jay Ryan (Ben), Andy Bean (Stan), James Ransone (Eddie), Jessica Chastain (Beverly), and James McAvoy (Bill) will play the Losers club all grown up. Andres Mushcietti will return as director, and of course, Pennywise (Bill Skarsgard) will return to creep out all over again.

My Pretty Pony

A short story about a dying grandfather and his grandson, My Pretty Pony is a testament to the dangers of letting time pass you by. Tobin Bell, Saw film star, and Noah Jupe, child actor of upcoming “Suburbicon”, will lead in this harrowing short film. The director, Luke Jaden, is directing from script he wrote himself. The short film will be shooting in Michigan this spring.


N. is a short story by King about the terrible force of a Stonehenge-esque group of stones in their hometown of Maine and how some teens escaped them, however must face them again. The story is to turn into a series on Syfy and to be renamed 8. The story once was adapted into a graphic novel by Marvel, but now will find new life on the small screen. The writers of Ant-Man and The Wasp will be responsible for much of the show’s writing.


Revival is the tale of Charles Jacobs, a heartbroken preacher who turns into a mysterious, suspicious faith healer after all of his ordeals. The story is to become a feature-length film. There have been rumors and talks about Samuel L. Jackson or Russell Crowe being the troubled Charles Jacobs. The story is strange and intriguing, so it’ll be interesting to translate it to film. The film will be directed by The Fault in Our Stars director, Josh Boone.

The Stand

Speaking of Josh Boone, he will be the director of The Stand adaptation. The Stand is one of King’s most ambitious tales, an 823 page monstrosity chronicling the fall of the world and what happens afterward. With one of the most well-known King villains ever, Randall Flagg, The Stand has always been a well-anticipated project. The story is to be adapted into a 10-hour long mini series on CBS all-access. Initially, it was supposed to be a 4-film adventure with Warner Bros., but after the flop of The Dark Tower, it seemed to get demoted. We’ll see where the adaptation goes from here.

The Talisman

This story is a collaboration between King and another great horror novelist, Peter Straub. It centers around a 12-year-old boy, Jack, who goes on an adventure to find a mystical talisman– One he has reason to believe is the only way to save his dying mother. And, of course, the only place to find it is in the parallel world of the Territories. It’s a fantasy adventure of epic proportions. Before the novel even came out, Steven Spielberg himself swept in and gobbled up the rights. With the new King hype, there have been serious talks from Spielberg about finally adapting this story after so many years. The powerhouse of names alone makes the mere thought of it all exciting.

Honorable Mentions

(AKA Possible Stephen King Adaptations in Various Lower Levels of Development):

Sleeping Beauties (In development series)

Hearts (In development film)

In The Tall Grass (In development film)

The Jaunt (In development film)

The Things they Left Behind (In development film)

Ayana (In development series)

The Breathing Method (In development film)

Joyland (In development film)

Lisey’s Story (In development film)

The Long Walk (In development film)

Grand Central (In development series)

Children of the Corn Remake (In development film)

Creepshow 4 (In development anthology film)

The Overlook Hotel (In development film)

Pet Semetary (In development film)

Rose Madder (In development film)

Ten O clock People (In development film)

The Shop (In development series)


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