5 WOC Cosplayers That Elevate The Hobby

Kay Bear


Fierce. Regal. Beautiful. No matter how you describe them, cosplaying women of color are powerful forces of nature that command attention for their stunning costumes and the personas they take on. They display their love for their favorite characters right on their faces, and they don’t let anyone stop them. Cosplay is for everyone and these 5 women of color show exactly how well it can be done by lifting their hobby to new heights.




Tisha  (Twitter) is a 23 yr old from Los Angeles and has been cosplaying for 7 years. Moana is the cosplay she’s most passionate about and comfortable in, and it shows. She looks like Moana stepped out of the screen and into reality.



Cin Von Quinzel (Twitter) is a self-taught costume maker and curvy alternative model from New York. Her cosplay spans multiple fandoms including sci-fi, cartoons, and comic books. And of course, her modeling is eye-catching and it’s refreshing to see quality content from an alternative body type.



An avid cosplayer with numerous personas, a D&D player and all around badass, Krystina Arielle (Twitter) brings a sense of regality and poise to her cosplay that you rarely see. She embodies the characters she portrays and makes you believe she’s the real deal.



Kay Bear (Twitter) brings levity and fun into her cosplay, whether it be anime, gaming, or comics. But that doesn’t mean she skimps on quality or details. Her cosplay captures the attitude of her characters and makes them instantly recognizable by fans.




Sami Bass (Twitter) is another cosplayer that captures the essence of a character, bringing grace and power or light-hearted playfulness. Some of her costumes can lean towards cheesecake, but that appears intentional, as she can also put down hardcore, detailed and specific styles of iconic characters that can hold their own against any other cosplayer’s talents.

These ladies mean business when it comes to their hobby and passion, and it shows in their work. Cosplaying in for fun, it’s for anyone, and these talented ladies show off the best of what it can be.

Do you have a favorite WOC Cosplayer that wasn’t mentioned here? Or a favorite character by one of these ladies that wasn’t shown? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook!

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