SDCC 2018: Panel and Features Round-Up!

Happy San Diego Comic-Con! As the festivities begin, we’ve rounded up some of the hottest spots and coolest features to check out as you enjoy the event. Enjoy and find your favorite things! Or make sure not to miss something you’d die for. But overall, have a great time during this awesome experience.

Early Thrillers:


Nickelodeon is pulling out all the guns this year. In light of the Rugrats reboot, the television company brought a 12-foot statue of Reptar to impress con-goers. They also brought the original Double Dare wheel back for the event and created a TMNT version of the Time Square display. A replica of The Loud House was built in their area so that fans can take pictures with the whole, animated cast. And, of course, they have a neat area where visitors can attend signings of their favorite Nick actors/actresses. They get extra points, however, for their customizable work. Nickelodeon has a custom t-shirt station, where fans can stick as many available Nick show icons as they want on the shirt. It prints out in 3 minutes. Then a fan can have a truly unique piece of Nick merch.


Hasbro isn’t having their robots in any disguises, as the largest feature is a full-size Bumblee hanging out in their booth. They also show off the original White Power Ranger suit, a whole Transformers display of its own, and a mini Millennium Falcon cockpit perfect for pictures. It looks made for kids, but everyone’s a kid at heart, after all.


If its popular, Lego will build it. Lego went all out this year by building thing like a Thanos replica, a huge Pokemon landscape full of critters, and a large replica of a new Lego Movie 2 character. Think Unikitty, but with death metal. They have thrown down the gauntlet, however, by also building a Millennium Falcon cockpit, technically the third on the floor. Theirs is made out of legos, though, of course. What might be the best part, however, is a lego fan wall. Here, fans can use legos to add their own flair to the Lego booth.


Marvel is kicking off SDCC by celebrating the 10-year anniversary of launching Iron Man cinematically. They have the first failed suit displayed and the Iron Man helmet from the first film. If Iron Man doesn’t tickle everyone’s fancy, that’s great. The display is set to change every day to showcase different parts of Marvel’s wheelhouse. You’re welcome.


DC is hyping up its upcoming properties, and Jason Mamoa has never looked so shirtless. For Aquaman, coming December 21, 2018, DC shows off a new poster, a Black Mantis costume, a Meera costume, and an Aquaman costume. They also showed off the first look at a costume for Shazam, everyone’s favorite deceptively young hero. And, of course, they showed off the costumes and trailer for their new show, Titans, based on the Teen Titans Comics.

Other Exciting Features:


AMC knows what people love, and their entire booth shows it. The Walking Dead and its spin-off, Fear The Walking Dead, are its best money shows. Their area for the con was transformed into a realistic, zombie-torn zone. Even better, AMC hired actors to play live walkers to wander around the area and lightly spook and delight con-goers.


PS4 is letting visitors play their Spiderman game, weeks ahead of release. Con-goers will get to be their dream web-slinger before anyone else. What lucky folks.


In true, ludicrous, Deadpool style, the Deadpool team has set up a Chuck.E Cheese-esque animatronic stage where Deadpool and furry friends sing. The feature is called Deadpool’s Super Duper Dance Party. Was it mentioned it’s Deadpool dancing while the animatronics sing Dolly Parton? Get ready to get “9 to 5” stuck in your head.

BBC America

BBC America dropped their teaser trailer for Doctor Who season 11 only a few days ago. To celebrate, BBC has a panel planned with Jodie Whittaker to talk about the role. But, even better, they made a 13th Doctor out of legos. Quite a statement piece.

Oni Press

Oni Press is particularly displaying merchandise and work from Tea Dragon Society, an adorable and heartwarming webcomic created by Katie O’Niell. Oni Press has printed her work and is displaying it proudly at their stand. Its cute dragons and great art. What else could you want?


Matt Groening, known for his work of The Simpsons and Futurama, has created a new series called Disenchantment. It will air on Netflix this August. It follows an alcoholic princess, an elf, and a personal demon. Fans will get a first sneak peek at SDCC, but first they can try their hand at spinning the Disenchantment wheel. There may be prizes on the other end.

Tamashii Nations

Tamashii Nations knows what it’s doing with its booth. After all, how can you ever go wrong with a giant statue of the dragon from Dragon Ball Z?

Jurassic World

After the release of Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom, Jurassic World is out promoting its upcoming Jurassic video game. To hype fans, they built a miniature replica of the final scene of Jurassic World. Who wouldn’t want to be in charge of all these murderous reptiles?

Star Wars

The Star Wars crew is out to promote Solo: A Star Wars Story before it comes out on blu-ray. Of course, that means a recreation of the one and only Millennium Falcon cockpit. The third at the con, it is the grandest, as its exclusive to only some lucky fans.

South Park

South Park wants their beloved fans to suffer, so they set up a trivia game. Two players face off, battling with their respective South Park knowledge. The winner gets member-berries. The loser gets thrown up on by a life-sized Randy Marsh. Great reward heeds great risk.


Mattel knows what’s hot right now, so they wisely stick it on their Hot Wheels. Mattel’s booth shows off superhero Hot Wheels and its neat as heck. They know their audience very well.

Dark Horse

Dark Horse had displays of all its best comics, including Hellboy and Sin City. However, most prominent was The Umbrella Academy. That’s because the comic is being turned into a new show on Netflix that stars Ellen Page. The show is to premiere in 2019.


IDW is showing off the concept-work for their Batman: The Animated Series inspired tabletop game. The game comes out in August and will cost roughly $50. As a fan-favorite series, IDW has quite the buzz surrounding Batman: The Animated Series – Gotham Under Siege.

Weta Workshop

As the word workshop might imply, Weta Workshop is showing off live character sculpting at their booth. The passion for the artwork in sci-fi fantasy is strong here.


Konahami is celebrating their beloved works with real, decked out Yugi-oh! card battles. The only way to enjoy comic-con, really.


Honorable Mentions:

ABC, Warner Bros., Cartoon Network, Viz, and the Artist’s Alley. They are respected staples of comic-con. They do lack some of the wow-factor others have, though. Who knows. As SDCC continues in the next couple days any of this heavy hitters could blow visitors away.

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