After a teaser that left more than a lot to the imagination during the final of the World Cup, a true full trailer for the new season of the long lived Doctor Who series hit Comic Con’s and the internet today.

The teaser gave us a quick look at the new companions Ryan (Tosin Cole), Yasmin (Mandip Gill), and Graham (Bradley Walsh).  The new series features Jodie Whittaker as the first female incarnation of the world’s best loved Time Lord.

Today in Hall H, new showrunner Chris Chibnall is joined by Cole, Gill, and Whittaker to share some of what the future holds for the Gallifryan and her three new human companions.

Before we get to the trailer and a breakdown, here is the intro for Jodie at the SDCC presentation:

That sign that says “not for personal use” was a nice touch.

This follows on from how previous Doctors were introduced at SDCC in previous years.  Although to be fair that could have been an industrial complex anywhere and no one would know it wasn’t Cardiff.  Her finding a fan in cosplay as her Doctor was another smart decision.

Now without further ado, here is the trailer itself:

The Breakdown:

The 13th Doctor’s voice resonates through the trailer as she says, “All of this is new to me.  New faces. New worlds. New times.  So if I asked really, really nicely would you be my new best friends.”

We first see her wake up on someone’s couch gasping for air.  Then, each companion gets a hero shot before we are shown first a world that looks like something out of the Mad Max universe and then the four of them are walking from a beach up a hill with bits of concrete visible.

The Doctor is in the outfit we’ve seen in most of the images for the new series.  Then, we see them running past some large tanks in some kind of small town before we see The Doctor kneeling in some foggy hollow in the outfit Peter Capaldi regenerated in.  It is assumed that she is tracking the Tardis in this shot.

We see her clutching her head and groaning and this leads into a shot all Who fans expect from time to time…a quarry doubling for some other world. Next, we see them all standing in the parking lot of what looks like a classic American motel with a very old style car in the background.

There are several quick cuts to her with a duel blowtorch that looks very Steampunk, X-Files like flashlight movements, the group walking down a long hallway (could be a spaceship or some alien base), The Doctor looking through a mail slot, several people riding horses on a dusty road, the group standing and surveying a barren landscape, Ryan having a bright light shone on him and covering his face, and (the best image of all) the Doctor using her new sonic.

Next, comes a metallic door closing with sparks flying all around as the Doctor runs the other way, then all of them are standing in a field at night with looks of wonder on their faces.

The words, “The Universe is Calling” display right before the trailer closes on the Doctor saying, “Right, this is gonna be fun” and closing some kind of curtains before the new logo and “Coming Fall 2018” appear.

The change to more film style cameras is obvious to long term fans of the show.  It isn’t a major step forward like it was when you compare 2005’s restart to the last of the original run of the sereis in 1989.  But any worry that the show would just be atmospheric and full of exposition seem to be unfounded as the trailer was almost all action.

What did you think of the trailer?  Let us know in the comments….

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