San Diego Comic Con is in full swing and everyone is abuzz about the exciting panels, news, and nerdy splendor.

Yet in all this wonderful frenzy, some great panels may get lost in the fold. This is why today will feature a fantastic, unforgettable, enjoyable event: The Line Webtoon panel. 

Line Webtoon is a growing site and app company that also doubles as a creative haven. As comics have become more popular, so has the desire to find easy, accessible content. Especially if that content is free. Line Webtoon is an app that hosts thousands of free webcomics for comic-lovers to devour. Their genres are all across the board, ranging from humor, to romance, to fantasy, to horror. One of the sites most beloved comics was called Bastard, a story about the son of a serial killer. If any story is good, it can make it on Line Webtoon.

Line Webtoon even pays some of their comic creators, and these artists’ work gets “featured” so that its recommended on landing pages and the creator gets compensation for their contributions. Artists now also get to work with Line Webtoon editors and curate even better content than before.

At the panel, Line Webtoon will be having several of their top artists in attendance. These artists are:

Kaitlyn Narvaza, creator of Siren’s Lament, a surprisingly touching fantasy romance about sirens, heartbreak, and falling in love. The comic is now on its second season and is one of the most popular comics on the site. It is known for its romance, but also faces the drama and rippling effects of heartbreak and has some serious symbolic meaning. Its so much more than a playground for ship wars.



Stephen McCranie, creator of Space Boy, a science fiction epic with great romantic and relationship additives. The story pulls at heartstrings and asks serious questions about humanity, space, and what it means to be alive. The main character Amy is a bright pop of wholesome sunlight that you just want to hug. Her co-lead, Oliver, is a fresh take on the typical brooding boy, making him so very un-typical and so very fascinating. Their story and relationship truly defy the laws of space.

Tiffany Woodall is the creator of Late Bloomer, a sem-fantastical romance about falling in love and waiting for the right one. Our lead, Mai, spends the story navigating living life with her “bud”. After all, she’s a person whose bud picks one person to fall in love with forever. With on point metaphors for choosing the right partners and choosing what time is right for you, the story is a sweet and unique tale.

Sarah Anderson, creator of Sarah’s Scribbles. This comic barely needs describing, as its infectiously in all corners of the internet. Sarah’s Scribbles is a hilarious, often four panel slice of life comic, peering into the funny moments of womanhood, being a writer, introversion, and more complex aspects of life. They’re brutally honest without being cruel and some of the funniest micro-stories in the internet.

Several other Line Webtoon creators will be at the con, just not on the panel. Some of these fine folk include: Aminder Dhaliwal (Woman World), Colin Lawler (Spirits: The Soul Collector), and more!

At the panel, this wonderful group of creators will discuss what it takes to grow from being an anonymous cartoonist on the Discover section of the app to becoming some of the biggest web-comic writers in Webtoons. They will also be joined by Patreon representative, Heather Wilder, on taking advantage of creator investment programs on the site. Furthermore, the content lead at Line Webtoon, Tom Akel, will talk about publishing and promoting on the site.

Currently, Line Webtoon is also even running a contest for new creators. One story from each genre (Thriller, Comedy, Sci-Fi Fantasy, or Drama/Romance) has the possibility to win $80,000. They also often get featured on the site and can start growing a full-time career as an artist. The creative opportunities on this site are boundless.

The app is fun, free, and growing bigger each day. Line Webtoon deserves all of the attention its building and more. They are getting more casual fans into comics and getting artists fanbases, support, and a way to earn money doing things they love. At NerdBastards, we can always appreciate good done for the sake of art.

It also helps they have some damn good stories on there.

Some (writer-biased) favorites (not already listed above) include:



My Giant Nerd Boyfriend

Trash Bird


Waffles & Pancakes

A Budgie’s Life

My Name is Death




The Strange Tales of Doctor Zhan

Melvina’s Therapy


Sci-fi Fantasy-



Elf & Warrior


Boyfriend of the Dead



Asleep Beside You

Always Human

Gourmet Hound

Lore Olympus

Warning Label


… A certain writer writing this article might possibly be in love with this site. But seriously, these are all great titles, and there are even more found on the site. Its honestly astounding.

If you want to see something new, fantastic, and burn up your free-time with awesome comics for the next two weeks or more of your life, check out the Line Webtoon panel and become a fan. Its more than worth it. 

Their panel will be held today from 7:00- 8:00pm in Room 4.  

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