Iron Fist Should Be Netflix’s Best Marvel Show

Even among the most hardcore fans of Marvel’s Netflix shows, Iron Fist ranks low. Iron Fist was rushed, and it showed in both writing and fight choreography, as well as crew preparations. But fans saw hope for the character in Defenders with the chemistry between actors Finn Jones and Mike Colter who play Danny Rand, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage, respectively. Still, the character fell short of fan expectations. That is until Danny showed up for an episode of Luke Cage. Finally, fans saw an Iron Fist they could root for. A more grounded character. But what was still missing from the character, and will Iron Fist Season 2 give it to us?

Even as the writing got better, there was still something missing from Iron Fist. The mask. In everything we’d seen Iron Fist in, he wore mostly street clothes. Fans have been salivating for that first glimpse of Iron Fist in his classic mask or at least some variation of it.

Now, with the announcement of Season 2’s release date, we also get a teaser trailer that gives us our first siting of Danny Rand in the Iron Fist mask.



Will we see more of the mask? Or will this be a flashback teasing the suit like they did with Luke Cage’s yellow shirt and silver arm bands? Only time will tell. But it’s a good indication that the writers are listening to the fans and what they want. The writing for Danny has shown improvement and we can only hope the fight choreography will follow.

Iron Fist has the potential to be the coolest of the Marvel Netflix shows. The only show that dabbles with the otherworldly aspect of the Marvel universe. But Season 1 failed where all of the other Netflix shows triumphed. Each of the other shows, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and even Punisher, all served as love letters to their genres and source material. Even if they didn’t come up with anything new, each show was able to pay at least a passing homage to their respective source material. Luke Cage harkening back to blaxploitation films, Jessica Jones captured noir gravitas.



Iron Fist didn’t feel like the love letter to the Kung Fu film craze of the 70s like it should have. The fight scenes didn’t pop the way Daredevil’s did. Even as an original story, you didn’t get a sense of Iron Fist that fans were looking for. Even by the end of the season, he felt lost and nowhere near where the other characters were in their story by the end of their first seasons.

The comic books have often captured the feel of Kung Fu movies, often displaying the names of moves in the panel as Danny performs them. “Burning Chi Thunderfoot”. “Upward Cannon Punch”. “Bird Beak Strike”. Seeing the text soar across the screen with Danny’s moves could’ve been an extra flair that could’ve taken the show a long way. It’s too much to hope for now, but the potential for greatness is still there. Letting Luke Cage tag along for more than an episode or two through Season 2 would be smart. Fans like the characters together. Season 2 has been announced to focus on Misty Knight and Colleen Wing’s relationship more. Colleen, played by Jessica Henwick, is a badass character that was far more interesting throughout Season 1 than Danny was, and Misty, played by Simone Missick, often stole the show during Luke Cage and Defenders.



Hell, cancel both Luke Cage and Iron Fist, combine the two genres and give us a Heroes For Hire show, that way there’s no pressure to feature one character over another throughout the season and you can develop each of these characters as it benefits the story.

Iron Fist Season 2 releases September 7th on Netflix.

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