Geek And Sundry brings together nerdy celebrities to play Dungeons and Dragons for our amusement. With the latest installment of CelebriD&D, Geek And Sundry brought in Terry Crews to join fan-favorite nerds from Nerdist and Critical Role in a World of Warcraft-themed session of Dungeons and Dragons to celebrate Blizzard’s latest expansion release, Battle for Azeroth. Who are these nerds and what characters did they play? Where can you watch all the action?

Terry Crews has been a nerdy favorite for quite a while. Not only is he an all around cool guy, an amazing actor with a wide range of roles, but he was also in the serious running to voice a character in Blizzard’s first-person-shooter called Overwatch. Crews wasn’t chosen to voice the character Doomfist even after much campaigning by Crews and fans alike, but it thrust Crews into the world of Nerdom.


Crews joined Critical Role alums Marisha Ray and Ashly Burch as members of the mighty Horde. Crews plays Thodak, the Mag’har Orc Warrior, Burch plays the Undead Mage named Elvis, Ray played The Ritz, Goblin Shaman.
What would the Horde be without the Alliance? Along with the first group, Matt Mercer, DM for Critical Role, also ran a separate group of Alliance characters. Voice actor Troy Baker played Arnost Windborn the Human Priest, actor, voice actor and Critical Role alum Taliesin Jaffe played Nullas Deepriver the Void Elf Rogue, while Nerdist’s own Jessica Chobot played Eddie Darkhammer the Dwarven Paladin.
Both groups arrive on an uncharted island seeking ‘azerite’, the new material that drives much of the plot moving into the expansion and beyond. Trading back and forth between the groups, Mercer finally brings the groups together in one large session as they finally meet on the battlefield.


Mercer spoke on Twitter about the way he changed and created things specifically for this campaign, balancing the classes against each other, modifying three and creating three, but only to a certain point. He didn’t flesh out each class from 1-20, only what would be needed for this session, and mentioned the possibility of posting the character sheets after GenCon.
Matt Mercer, Marisha Ray (who were recently wed!) along with Taliesin Jaffe, are all regulars on Critical Role, a weekly D&D session for “nerdy ass voice actors”, many of whom have voiced characters for Warcraft and other Blizzard games. Ashly Burch is currently a guest player on Critical Role. Both Terry Crews and Troy Baker (another Blizzard voice actor) were first timers to Dungeons and Dragons for this event.


For more info on Critical Role, visit their website and Twitter account.
The full 2hr 30min video of Terry Crew’s episode of CelebriD&D follows below. Other CelebriD&D episodes include Game of Thrones’ John Bradly, Vin Deisel, and Joe Manganiello.

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