While the fandom toxicity has reached an all-time high surrounding Star Wars and the DCEU, the hate has spread to TV in the last week. With new announcements involving CW’s DC shows, most fans are excited to see what comes next for the Arrowverse. But as trolls can’t help themselves, some fans decided to be critical over announcements and leaked pictures. But the actors involved didn’t take it sitting down. With fans and actors alike supporting them, two CW stars took to social media to address the issues and put the trolls in their place. Which CW stars stood up against the hate and refused to be shamed?

Flash Season 5 is coming in fast (pun TOTALLY intended) and that comes with speculations over the Flash’s suit in the coming season. A leaked picture shows our hero Grant Gustin in a prototype of the suit, and it’s a rather unflattering photo. The picture is poorly taken, his arms and shoulder are cut off, making him appear thinner, his head disproportional to his body. There are changes made from the Season 4 suit, and there’s no doubt that the finished product will look worlds better in motion than this work-in-progress, cellphone shot prototype does. The star claims he didn’t even know the picture was being taken, the suit pictures isn’t even the finished product, and then went on to address the “fans” that commented on his size.

Read this if you have good enough eyes.

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In related news, CW announces a Batwoman show joining Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow. Ruby Rose cast as Kate Kane has fans of Batwoman rejoicing, with a few hoping the CW manages certain aspects of the character well. It’s well known that Batwoman is one of the most visible lesbian characters in DC comics, and Ruby Rose being a lesbian herself is a good decision on CW’s part. There’s been vocal outrage when a studio doesn’t cast a minority actor or actress for a minority role. Kate Kane being Jewish is another concern for fans, hoping that the CW doesn’t gloss over the fact. A Jewish superhero leading her own show means representation we rarely see.

But the hate Ruby Rose received is both strange and bewildering. “Fans” pipe up on social media to claim Ruby Rose isn’t “gay enough”. That she’s too appealing to straight people, too safe of a choice. Ruby herself claimed to re-install Twitter (on her phone, assuming) to respond to this particular complaint.

The actress has fought with being “too gay” for years, and now fans are saying she’s “not gay enough”. Her frustration is understandable. However, the worry over Ruby not being Jewish isn’t unfounded. While it was reported that the studio was looking for an openly lesbian actress of any ethnicity, the visible representation of a Jewish superhero is important to a lot of fans. CW has had its ups and downs with all its shows, so it’s anyone’s guess if they’ll include that aspect of the character, and if they’ll handle it respectfully and appropriately enough to appease fans.

Do you have thoughts about the Flash suit? Any other openly lesbian actresses that also happen to be Jewish you’d prefer over Ruby Rose? Any thoughts or comments can be left below or you can hit us up on Facebook or Twitter!

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