5 Fan Favorites From Musical TV Episodes

Musical episodes are a wonderful break from the norm during some of our favorite shows that run seasons long. Often a fun way to get out of a storyline bogged down by drama and intrigue, a way that often forces characters to reveal secrets, confront inner demons, or express themselves in ways they otherwise couldn’t. Sometimes it’s just for giggles because you have a talented cast that’s itching to show off their vocal chops. Either way, musical episodes tend to be fan favorites that make it on playlists of many-a-nerd for years after the show has ended. And here’s 5 favorites from tv’s best musical episodes.


One of the most popular musical episodes, Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Once More With Feeling forced characters to sing and dance their secrets out. Emotions bubbling just below the surface forced their way to light via song and dance. And when the songs came to their climax, the emotions would force the characters to dance… to their deaths. Many songs were hits with the fans, varying styles and performances gave nearly every character a moment in the spotlight. But it’s Spike’s song, as he sings his true feeling for Buffy, that fans tend to point to as their favorites. The radio-ready rock song of Spike’s is an emotional reveal for the vampire and has fans of every age singing out loud.


The Flash’s crossover with Supergirl reunited Glee alum Grant Gustin (Flash) and Melissa Benoist (Supergirl), as well as Darren Criss in the guise if the Music Meister. Both heroes are put into a coma by Music Meister, forced to play out a script in a fictional world, singing and dancing and solving the problems of the characters inside their coma. Music Meister claims to have only put them into the coma to teach them a lesson and forcing to realize the love they had for Iris and Mon-El, respectively. While the musical has numerous wonderful songs performed by some amazingly talented actors, Super Friend is probably the most fun tune. Any fan of the CW shows is sure to be grinning and singing along.


While a little less nerdy than the other songs on the list, How I Met Your Mother gave a musical number that is arguably one of the best musical numbers on TV. Barney Stinson must choose between a hot blonde… or his suits. The musical number features Barney explaining his choice while his friends question his judgment. Is there nothing Neil Patrick Harris can’t do?


Riverdale is a show that is dramatic and captivating. A twist on the Archie comics in a way is perfect for the CW and is actually really good in a weird, over-the-top kind of way. Much like when you can’t look away from a video when you know someone is about to get hurt. The musical episode has the kids of Riverdale High performing Carrie: The Musical with all the drama and angst you’ve come to expect from the show. Possibly the best tune is the opening number, In, showcasing the kids with all their excitement for the upcoming production.


The Magicians is a show that’s gotten better and better with every season, and the sprinkling of music has only helped. In season 1 we saw Quentin doing an impromptu rendition of Shake It Off by Taylor Swift, season 2 gave us an exquisitely done One Day More from Les Mis, and season 3 brought us a full-on musical episode with 4 songs. Likely the best of the episode came down to Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie. The cast got into it, the song became emotional as it drove the story.


All these songs are fun, bring smiles to faces and emotions to hearts. All nerds are urged to watch these episodes again, or for the first time. The best musicals are ones you can pluck a song from the middle of and it’s still a timeless moment that means something to the listener.

What are your favorite musical episodes and songs? Any not listed here? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter!

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