Competitive online gaming isn’t new. But this last year gave birth to a new league of competitive gaming for a new game. Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch spawned numerous teams with fervent fan followings, giving players one more reason to shoot the red team wearing team colors. The first season ended with a lot of fans surprised at the outcome, considering the way certain teams played leading up to the finals. Which teams won out? Who was suspected to win early on? And where does the league find itself now, looking to the future?

Overwatch is a first-person shooter that is continuously updated and worked on. New heroes are added every few months, new maps and custom items, as well as fine-tuning existing characters as the game shifts and changes with new characters and abilities. Some characters have gotten serious ability overhauls.

With holiday events and small rewards for certain actions, Overwatch keeps fans interested and engaged. While the community can have its fair share of trolls and toxic players, it’s still an active community. Players being vocal about what works and what doesn’t helps Blizzard make changes to the game that keeps interest. Another way Blizzard has kept fans engaged is the Overwatch League. OWL, for short, is the official league for competitive Overwatch players. There are teams from all over the world who train and compete for our amusement, like digital gladiators.

12 teams, with rosters ranging from 7 to 12 players. Early on, Seoul Dynasty was the team to beat. Fans among the community felt the team who went undefeated for so long was going to easily clinch the win of the season.

At the end of the season, Seoul Dynasty didn’t even make it to the playoffs, much to fan’s surprise. Philadelphia Fusion had a strong off-season and worked hard through the playoffs to make it to the Grand Finals, only to be beaten out by London Spitfire. London was a solid team, but it’s off-season play didn’t have them ranked high on the list of teams to beat Seoul.

Now that the season is over, London Spitfire the current reigning champions, Overwatch has an All-Star event planned for August 25th & 26th. The 25th will feature custom skill matches in special game modes, with the 26th letting the Atlantic and Pacific All-Stars battle it out.



Blizzard is also releasing a limited edition set of Overwatch League skins. The 2018 Atlantic All-Star Tracer and the 2018 Pacific All-Star Genji. Each skin will be purchasable by League Tokens which can be bought in the in-game store if you don’t have the 300 tokens for each skin.

The Summer Games event is currently going on in Overwatch, with fan-favorite Lucioball game mode returning, as well as numerous sports-related skins, both legendary and epic tier.

As Overwatch moves forward there’s sure to be more from the Overwatch League for fans to look forward, enjoy, and of course, spend money on. The League tokens and much of the team merchandise sales go towards the teams themselves, so fans can support their favorite team in more than one way.

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