The Flash has been CW’s most beloved DC show since it’s inception. While it’s had some ups and downs, the show’s upbeat attitude and vibrant characters bring comics to life in a way that few other shows have been able to. Season 4 wrapped up with a pretty solid cliffhanger that’s left a lot of fans of the show, and not necessarily the comic, scratching their heads. Who was the new character and how do they fit into the Flash mythos? Find out who the character is for the show and the comic book source material that inspired them. Spoilers ahead! You have been warned!

Season 4 had some bumps, but all in all was a solid season for The Flash. Ralph Dibney made a wonderful addition to the team, his story arc was captivating and changed Barry for the better. The Council of Wells showed off once again what an amazing actor Tom Cavanagh is. The guy should win ALL the awards for his acting in The Flash. The Thinker was a different kind of villain that, while he had his flaws, was entertaining to watch.

But the season left us with a pretty big cliffhanger. All seemed to be going well after bringing down the big bad, and when they thought they might get a moment’s rest, the mysterious girl that popped up now again since the big CW Crossover event finally revealed who she is – Nora West-Allen. Daughter of Barry and Iris. And she’s made a mistake.

Barry thought he was done with timeline fuck-ups, but it seems his daughter is following in his footsteps and can’t resist messing with the past. Pictures from the set have been leaked and we can be a bit more accurate in our guesses at the comic book counterparts to Nora. Here’s where things get confusing.

Barry and Iris’s daughter, originally, is named Dawn, her twin brother named… Don. Real clever, guys. They called themselves the Tornado Twins. Dawn’s daughter was Jenni Ognats who became the Legionnaire, XS.

Nora Allen (without the hyphenated West) has recently been added to the comic books under the name Cruise. But it seems the CW version will be going with the XS suit and moniker.

XS, Jenni Ognats, at first had no powers. Her mother was killed by Dominators, her father fled to the planet Aarok, to keep her safe. Years later the Dominators found Jenni and experimented on her to understand her genetic makeup. The stress caused Jenny’s powers to manifest and she managed to escape the Dominators with her father. She later joined the Legion.

Jenni is described as vivacious, open with her emotions and easily excitable. We see a lot of this characterization in Nora Allen-West. The leaked photo also shows her stunt double wearing a costume similar to the classic XS costume from the LEGION comics.

Where the CW will take this character is unclear, it’s likely Jessica Kennedy Parker who plays Nora won’t stick around for longer than a season. She’s kind of a hot commodity after her role in Black Sails. But the Nora character is likely to bring some drama and tension to Barry and Iris’s marriage, and questions about what changes in the timeline and what stays the same, what parts might change after Nora fixes her mistakes and what can’t be fixed. In any case, the next season of The Flash is sure to be a fun ride as we explore the next chapter of scarlet speedster and his crew.

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