Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and a dozen others streaming services compete for our money and attention. And now DC Comics has thrown their hat in the ring. DC Universe offers more than the DC content already released – DC Universe plans to release original content and give fans access to their digital comics, members-only merch, all in one place. But what fans need to know is what can they expect from the DC original content, what digital items will be available and how much is going to cost? NerdBastards dives in to give fans the answers they need to decide if yet another streaming service is worth it.

DC Universe has to bring something unique to the table in order for the vast majority of the fans to find the service worth getting. Otherwise, fans will wait until shows hit DVD, Blu-ray or iTunes and won’t bother with the streaming service.

New content is a big incentive. DC Universe original content that you can’t get anywhere else will pique interests, and DC Universe delivered. Titans, a live-action Teen Titans, comes out in the fall of 2018 while Swamp Thing, Stargirl, Harley Quinn, Doom Patrol, and the much asked for 3rd season of Young Justice are all slated for a 2019 release.

We’ve seen a teaser trailer for Titans, a darker version than what we’re used to seeing. There have been mixed responses from fans, while some are eager to see what the show brings, the usual trolls rear their ugly heads to slam the show and it’s cast, complaining about a black woman being cast as a fictional orange alien. Yeah, I don’t get that one either.

Titans is shaping up to be an interesting show, adding numerous comic book characters, many with comic-accurate costumes. Other shows are exciting to hear about, the live-action Swamp Thing topping a lot of fans lists. Stargirl will also be live action, while Harley Quinn will be an animated series that features a more “adult” version. Here’s to hoping Tara Strong gets the voice acting role. Her Harley is as iconic as Mark Hamil’s Joker.

DC Universe hasn’t released any details on the members-only merch, but they have talked about an online forum and community to connect with other DCUniversers.

You can preorder now, 15 months for $74.99. Less than $5 a month. The website also lists “premium annual member benefits and rewards” with the annual membership. The individual monthly payments otherwise are $7.99 a month. That’s not bad for unlimited streaming of “exclusive original DC series, animated movies, select legendary films and TV shows”, access to comics, community, and access to official merchandise you can’t get without the membership.

The link to DC Universe can be found here. As more information about the service comes to light, NerdBastards promises to keep you posted.

Are you excited for the streaming service? Are you luke-warm about having to pay for yet another streaming site? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter!

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