After the firing of James Gunn for, admittedly offensive, old tweets that Gunn already apologized for 6 years ago, many have been outspoken against Disney’s knee-jerk decision. But none have been quite as outspoken as Dave Bautista, Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy. Bautista has, on frequent occasion, called Disney out for its rash and hasty decision to fire Gunn, calling for Gunn’s reinstatement and tweeting at Disney with tweets directing them to the man behind the movement to get Gunn fired, conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich.


Of all the words you could use to describe Dave Bautista, he’s proven over the last couple of months that the aptest word to use would be ‘loyal’. Since day one since Disney’s unfortunate and ill-thought-out firing of James Gunn, Dave Bautista has shown the fiercest of loyalties to his director and friend. Bautista has routinely called out Disney for its stupid decision. Not only defending Gunn, pointing out that he’s already apologized and has worked hard not to be the kind of man who would make jokes like that anymore, but also to point out the man behind the Twitter-led movement to have Gunn fired.

Mike Cernovich is an alt-right conspiracy theorist, the man behind the ridiculous Pizzagate. He spreads hate and misinformation everywhere he goes. And to be the height of hypocritical has racist and rape jokes littered throughout his own Twitter account. Bautista points Disney to the ‘inspiration to humanity’ that they chose to listen to. A quick Google search will lead one down a proverbial rabbit hole of nasty comments from Cernovich. But he had the audacity to call out Gunn for tweets he’d already apologized for and condemned himself.

Bautista isn’t one to mince words or walk on eggshells. While other actors are protecting their future careers and relationships with Marvel and Disney, Bautista isn’t holding back. That kind of loyalty is commendable and rarely seen among the social elite.

That’s not to say that James Gunn is all Bautista talks about lately. He still promotes his projects as well as tweets and retweets positive, uplifting, and often funny messages. But it’s clear that for Bautista this is personal. That this wasn’t only an unwarranted and unjustifiable firing of a co-worker. This was an attack on the reputation and integrity of someone he cares about, calls a friend, and has seen with his own eyes to be the person Gunn strives to be in his daily life – the antithesis of the kind of person who, nearly a decade ago, made inappropriate and inexcusable, tasteless jokes on social media. James Gunn has worked, continues to work, and shows in his actions as much as his words, that he is the opposite of men like Mike Cernovich, who would make crass and tactless comments about women and minorities.

Disney seems to be standing firm on their decision to fire the director, while still using the script he wrote for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. But that doesn’t stop fans and friends like Bautista from continuing to stand up for Gunn. It’s unknown what the future holds for the franchise and its director, but one thing’s for sure, the momentum that GotG had has been put at risk. One of the most unlikely ideas on paper was turned into one of Marvel’s biggest successes, in no small part due to James Gunn. Can the cast come together as well without him? Can they deliver the same level of performances and chemistry as we’ve seen in the past now that their cohesive group has lost its leader?

We could all use a friend as loyal, vocal, and voracious to stand up for us as Dave Bautista has been for James Gunn. There’s no doubt that Gunn knows exactly how lucky he is to have someone like Bautista in his corner.

Do you think there’s still hope that Disney will come to their senses? Would you like Warner Bros. to pick up James Gunn for a different superhero movie, like Metal Men? Let us know in the comment below or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter!

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