Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft hides a multitude of pop culture Easter eggs all throughout their game, and with their new expansion Battle for Azeroth, nothing has changed in that respect. Both Horde and Alliance will stumble across NPCs, names items, usable items, and even scenes staged as homage and reference to popular literary, film, tv, and even other video games. While you could devote an entire website to just listing all the Easter eggs, here’s a list of 9 of the best Easter eggs you don’t want to miss taking screenshots of your characters with from Battle of Azeroth.

Many a nerd grew up with Christopher Robin and his friends from the Hundred Acre Woods, and it seems the game designers at Blizzard are no different. While visiting Stormsong Valley in Kul’Tiras, players may happen upon Hunter Robin, sitting around a campfire with some friends who might seem a bit familiar.

Drustvar can seem a bit heavy with its storyline, the witches and druids taking on an feel more akin to The Witcher than Warcraft. Still, there is plenty to surprise you and even bring a smile to your face, like stumbling across a rare named Hyo’gi, passed out next to a ravaged picnic scene. It seems Hyo’gi is smarter than the average bear and unfortunately is untameable by Hunter players.

While looking for Hyo’gi, keep an eye out for a large, rare, white raven by the name of Nevermore. An obvious shout out to the Edgar Allen Poe work The Raven, this rare can be found in a cemetery. The good news is, unlike Hyo’gi, he is tameable.

Out in the swamp of Nazmir, characters can find a famous couple, or at least their look-alikes. The large green frog named Kremit is seen hanging out with his lady friend, the pig named Miggy. Kremit is even seen with a tickable lute (not be confused with loot!) that creates a rainbow over the couple. Awww!

Back out in Kul’Tiras in Tiragarde Sound, players can kill Totes the goat for his lootable bag called, you guess it, a [Goats Tote]. While not huge, the bag is still an impressive 28 slots large, so those hoarders looking for a little more space should totes seek out Totes.

In Stormsong Valley players will find a cave kill of robot cats, 5 of them to be exact. After killing the mechanics working on said cats, one Sabertron will awaken and attack the player. Hunters rejoice, one of these mini cat robots are tameable! But good luck forming the super cat robot without the others.

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Back out in Zandalar, players will have to do a little bit of hunting but can find another scene from a popular children’s story. Little Mog’law sits with his animal friends by the corpses of their animal enemies. Between them sits a clickable book called Jungle Studies. If Mog’law is going to be out there long, let’s hope he brought more than just the… *sigh* Bear Necessities. (I honestly feel bad for making that joke.)

While in Zandalar, Horde player can visit Bri’tani, the spears vendor. That’s right. Bri’tani <Spears>. Be sure to snap a selfie with your S.E.L.F.I.E. toy and post it to Twitter, tagging @NerdBastards to show us your photo!

Last but not least, while out in the deserts of Vol’dun, players with a quick eye can spot two NPCs, but will have a much harder time taking a good screenshot. Neither are exactly known for sitting still. The Vulpera named Wiley <Stubbornus Adversarius> walks with a giant red rocket strapped to his back, while on the hunt for the quick and nimble Ridge Runner <Accelleratii Ridiculii>.

Warcraft is rife with easter eggs, from NPCs like Haris Pilton to fun things NPCs will say if you click on them multiple times to flavor text on battle pets. Do you have a favorite Easter egg or reference in WoW? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter!

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