With a new DC Comics event, Witching Hour, announced with covers posted online, it shows a Wonder Woman turned evil. The amazing covers make nerds question when else have superheroes turned evil? Not the alternate universe counterparts or evil doppelgangers, but the heroes themselves. What made them turn and did they return again to the side of the angels? NerdBastards delves into the details of DC’s Witching Hour event as well as 5 other heroes who have taken a ride on the dark side.

Wonder Woman now headed up Justice League Dark along with Swamp Thing, Zatanna, Detective Chimp, and Man-Bat, take on a new event in October. A five-part weekly series, just in time for Halloween. DC Comics says ” Part one, WONDER WOMAN AND JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK: THE WITCHING HOUR #1, with art by Jesus Merino, sets the tone for the Wonder Woman-centered event. In this 48-page debut one-shot, Hecate, the witch-goddess of magic, always knew a day would come when the monsters she stole her magic from would return. Now she must activate the Witchmarked, humans within whom she secreted vast stores of power. This hits Justice League Dark especially hard: one of the most powerful of the Witchmarked turns out to be Wonder Woman! WONDER WOMAN AND JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK: THE WITCHING HOUR #1 is on sale October 3.”
But what other superheroes have turned into baddies, at least for a while? Let’s take a look at 5 superheroes who dared to take on their peers.
It hasn’t been so long that people have forgotten the much divisive decision to turn Captain America evil. For a short while, Captain America had his history re-written by the Red Skull so that he’d worked for Hydra all along, in secret. The writers, not wanting to spoil the story, gave enough information to enrage and not enough information to soothe. Letting fans know that this is how Captain America is now, it’s not a mind-control or alternate universe scenario was disingenuous. Yes, history re-writing isn’t either of those things, but it still was reverted to status quo later. It’s a common trope throughout literature to force a hero to become what he hates, to break down what he is, only to build it up stronger, showcasing that the idea of the hero, what he stands for at his core, is stronger than the man himself, and will always win out in the end. The hero may be corruptible, but his core idea will always save him in the end. Fans across the board were enraged about turning a classic hero, a symbol of freedom and an icon to the Jewish community into, essentially, a Nazi. But again, this isn’t new. And Captain America did indeed come back, stronger and more resilient than ever.
Red Hood, Jason Todd, the second Robin, was one of the most clever hero-turned-villain stories. When Superboy-Prime punched the universe, it brought back Jason Todd but broken. Talia Al-Ghul took him in and exposed him to her father’s Lazarus Pit, thinking it may fix him. But it only drove him mad. Running back to Gotham, Todd confronted Batman over not avenging Todd’s death and killing the Joker. DC Entertainment turned the storyline into a fantastic animated movie. Todd eventually rejoined the fold, after a fashion, becoming a vigilante that doesn’t mind killing bad guys. Running with a team called The Outlaws of varying roster, Todd’s about to get his own book called Red Hood The Outlaw.
Daredevil became the leader of the ninja clan called The Hand after being possessed by a demon called The Beast of The Hand. Daredevil took over crime in Hell’s Kitchen and his tactics became harsher and harsher until finally, he murdered his arch-nemesis Bullseye. Finally, after a battle with other street-level heroes like Heroes for Hire, Daredevil was cleansed by Iron Fist. In a sacrifice to keep himself from becoming re-possessed, Daredevil killed himself. Luckily, Elektra brought him back from the dead, ’cause, like, that’s her thing.
One of the classic DC hero-turned-evil stories is the tale of Hal Jordan. Hal flipped, taking out the Guardians, wiping out the Corps, and taking the power of the Green Lanterns for himself, calling himself Parallax. This gave birth to heroes like Guy Gardner: Warrior and later Kyle Rayner. Long after, it was ret-conned that Hal was actually possessed by the Fear entity known as Parallax. This doesn’t absolve Jordan of his crimes, he still acted on his own fears. Parallax just gave him the push he needed. But fans can absolutely blame Parallax for those terrible grey streaks on the side of Hal’s head.
With the massive popularity of the Deadpool movies, the X-Men Colossus has been thrust into the public eye like never before. Many may be surprised to know that the moral compass of the Deadpool movies once joined forces with Magneto and his band of zealots, the Acolytes. After the loss of his sister to the mutant-killed Legacy virus, and finding out Professor X’s part in his sister’s death, Colossus turned to Magneto’s team. Unfortunately, his taste in costumes didn’t improve with the team-switch. Shortly thereafter, Colossus re-joined the X-Men after reuniting with his on-again-off-again love interest, Kitty Pryde.
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