While X-Box players can only pout and play other games while pretending they don’t dare, PS4 players are spending their weekend playing the new Spider-Man game from Insomniac Games. Filled with Easter eggs, spidey-suits and plenty of wall-crawling action, Spider-Man on PS4 has captured the hearts of Spidey fans the world over. The game features voices from fan favorites and motion capture from the industry’s finest. What suits can you expect? What Easter eggs might you come across? Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so fans took to Twitter with Spider-Man’s photo and selfie modes. Here’s what you can expect.


Spider-Man is blowing minds as he swings through New York in an open-world environment. Gorgeous, gorgeous graphics give players the opportunity to take incredible screenshots in photo mode. Add sound effects, word bubbles, and make a wallpaper, or add it to a comic book cover to design your own. And that’s just selfie and photo mode!

Spider-Man on PS4 takes you through iconic Spider-Man villains like Wilson Fisk, Rhino, Electro, and Mister Negative. You’ll also get to visit familiar faces like Mary Jane Watson, Miles Morales, And J. Jonah Jameson. The game takes you to locations from the Marvel Universe like Avengers Tower and Rand Industries, as well as little places of interest specifically to Peter Parker, like Uncle Ben’s gravesite.

Vocal talent includes fan favorites like Travis Willingham, Laura Bailey, Matt Mercer, and Taliesin Jaffe, of Critical Role fame. Yuri Lowenthal leads as the voice of Spider-Man/Peter Parker himself. Darin De Paul and Fred Tatasciore from Overwatch join in on voice acting duties while motion capture from industry greats such as T. J. Storm, Steve Oyoung (Who voiced Mr. Negative as well as motion captured), and Seth Austin, who have acted as stunt doubles and motion captures for shows and games across the nerdy spectrum.

Dynamic shots, incredible physics, great writing, and the behind the scenes art with voice and motion capture take Spider-Man on PS4 to another level above other Spider-Man games. One of the few complaints seen online is the unlocking of a “fast travel” option. You’re playing freaking SPIDER-MAN! You swing between buildings through New-Freaking-York, you can run into muggers or stop to take beautiful shots of the sunset or action shots as you thwip past cars! That’s more than half the fun of being Spider-Man! Why the hell would you want to ‘fast travel’ through that???

There’s also a sizeable appearance of Pride flags and wall-art that fans are taking note of and posing with. The recognition and presence of these are subtle but important. It helps normalize the symbol and thus the community in gaming as well as through a cityscape. Kids playing this game, immersing themselves within the world, will imprint this into their minds and help grow normalcy with the Pride community.

Though the game was only released on the PS4, nerds all over the internet are talking about playing, or not playing, this game. Check out #SpiderManPS4 on Twitter for more amazing photo mode and selfie screenshots and Spider-Man discussions.

Are you playing Spider-Man on the PS4? Why or why not? Any favorite photo mode shots? Share them with us in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter!

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