DC Comics has unleashed it’s DC Universe App. Users can download the app on select devices and check out the beginnings of the service. Getting mixed reviews, the app has some kinks to work out, as fans should expect. But what’s working and what isn’t? Are there major letdowns? Fans take to social media to air grievances and give praise where it’s due. Are fans excited for the app or let down by the budding streaming service? Is it fair to judge the service in its infancy? NerdBastards presents reactions of across the web while you decide if DC Universe is worth getting.

DC Universe is just getting off the ground. Fans are going to have to understand that this isn’t the service it wants to be – yet. Not all movies are available, nor comics. But there are things the app does surprisingly well.

One more streaming service to pay for and keep track off. One more app. When any company announces a new streaming service, nerds collectively sigh. It better be good. It better be worth it. Dollars are fewer and farther between for a lot of folks so choosing to pay for another service can seem a nuisance.

Sporting all of the Christopher Reeve Superman movies and many Batman movies like 1989’s Batman all to the way up to 2008’s The Dark Knight, the app is off to a good start with it’s movie selection, though not everything is there yet. Some worry it’s a big while others theorize it’s due to contractual issues. DC’s wonderful animated movies make up a bulk of the selection as well as animated TV shows like Batman: The Animated Series. But fans of DCs canceled shows will find a lot to love here too, like Birds of Prey and Constantine (which left the CW app only a few days ago).

What surprises and frustrates a lot of fans is the comic book section. Keeping in mind that this is a beta version, there’s a lot of issues missing throughout runs. While it has more than Marvel Unlimited did when it first released, it’s missing key issues here and there, starting at second issues or skipping others. One might expect to see some things missing, but the things that are left out seem like odd choices, perhaps due to bugs, or perhaps due to the app being a beta version and they won’t allow access to everything yet.

But the interface is clean, smooth, akin to Comixology. Comics can be read offline. Any DC fan, old or new, will come to love this app as it grows and becomes the go-to place to find DC content.

There are some features not yet fleshed out. The app sports a download section, though only streaming videos are allowed so far. The encyclopedia section seems good at first glance, though incomplete. What is there is well written and a great way for those unfamiliar with a topic to get caught up, but until the app picks up the rest of the content, fans can still find it lacking in areas.

DC Universe, at launch, will be available on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, and Roku, as well as through the website. No word yet if consoles will get apps. Xbox and PS4 owners have expressed the desire for a console app, with the DC Universe Twitter responding with “Stay tuned for availability on additional platforms”.

Have you checked out the service? Is it something you’re excited about or is it something to pass over until it looks a bit more promising? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter!


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