WB’s DCEU Birds Of Prey Begins To Take Flight

White Suicide Squad may not have been the hit WB hoped, there was one thing that stayed with fans – Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn. Robbie is using that leverage to help spearhead a Birds of Prey film. While we have little details as of yet, and it’s not apparent what role Harley will play with the Birds of Prey, we do have our first casting announcements. As we take a look at our new heroines that will share a screen with Robbie, we also look back on past versions of the characters as soon on TV.

The casting announcement causes some stir as one actress isn’t what fans exactly hoped for, nor expected. Many fans were hoping for an older version of Black Canary, one that could be played by Katherine Winnick, a fan favorite for the role. Warner Bros. has cast Jurnee Smollett-Bell as Dinah Lance, Black Canary. Smollet-Bell, being a woman of color, blindsided fans as a casting decision. While younger, what fans were expecting from the WB, the choice of a WOC has some “fans” in an uproar about casting a person of color as a white character. Despite some vocal outcry, there’s no reason Smollett-Bell couldn’t give us an amazing version of Black Canary, and many more fans are wishing her luck with the role, even if they’re disappointed their favorite wasn’t cast.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead was cast as Helena Bertinelli, The Huntress, and the actress has spoken out about her excitement to fill the role. The fourth cast member has yet to be cast, Detective Renee Montoya.

As fans get used to the casting choices, we look back on past versions of the character throughout TV history. While The Huntress has been fairly consistent with her incarnations, there’s been numerous version of Black Canary that doesn’t quite match the version will be seeing in Birds Of Prey.

1979’s Legends of Superheroes TV special featured the first live-action appearance of many of DC superheroes. Kids got to see their favorites lined up together, while more than a little cheesy, it was the first go. Modern day fans have to cut them some slack. Without these first baby steps, we may not have the awesome versions we have today. Barbara Joyce plays The Huntress to Danuta Wesley’s Black Canary.

Alaina Huffman played Black Canary in Smallville, joining Oliver Queen’s team of superheroes as a recurring character. One look at that costume screams Smallville.

Birds Of Prey attempted a TV show, starring Rachel Skarsten as Black Canary’s daughter, and Ashley Scott as The Huntress, Helena Kyle, the daughter of Catwoman. The show also featured Dina Meyer as Oracle and Mia Sara as Harley Queen.

Jessica De Gouw plays The Huntress in early episodes of CW’s Arrow. The character was eventually written off the show, despite being the best on-screen version of the character so far.

Katie Cassidy stepped in as Arrow’s Black Canary, though didn’t wear the mask for long enough if you listen to fans of the character. Eventually being killed off, Katie was brought back to play an evil alternate Earth version of the character. Fans still hope there will be some way to redeem the character and bring Katie back as Black Canary.

Birds Of Prey releases February 7, 2020.

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