New York Comic Con 2018 Assortment Of Cosplay

Thousands of comic fans and shopping fanatics came out to this year’s New York Comic Con but one of the best parts of this year’s con was the awesome cosplayers.

As per usual, there was no shortage of DC and Marvel characters such as Batman and Spiderman, however, there were also some pretty creative costumes like a Sentinel (with attached X-Men action figures for effect). Along with those characters, there was an array of TV characters such as Big Mouth’s Hormone Monster, a spot on Luke Cage, and a Sterling Archer with makeup effects that were jaw-dropping to see.  No surprise that the massive Transformer’s Bumblebee made his usual appearance. There was also a fantastic Indiana Jones and a number of Luke Skywalkers from various eras. Let’s not forget about the adorable Venom dog.

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While it didn’t dim the awesomeness, it was unfortunate to deal with the reality of these shitty times, listening to photographers catcall and ask cosplayers to stick out their asses and reveal their cleavage. But, as per usual, female cosplayers were the stars, with Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Catwoman and a number of gender-swapped characters and genre mixes.

These are just a few of my favorite cosplay pictures from the event. Please visit my Instagram @BunnyFufu2323 to see more!

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