On October 12th, Netflix announced the cancellation of it’s Marvel show Iron Fist. This came as a disappointment to many, but not exactly a shock. The show wasn’t doing well with critics even if the writing for Danny Rand and company was getting better. Oct 20th, however, caused fans of the Netflix Marvel shows some worry with the announcement of the cancellation of Luke Cage. What does this mean for the current running Marvel shows? What does this mean for the potential of future Marvel shows? Finn Jones, the actor who portrays Danny Rand ( whose full name is The Immortal Iron Fist, Defender of K’un-Lun and Sworn Enemy Of The Hand) gives us some clues and Netflix’s Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos chimes in to set fans at ease.

Iron Fist’s cancellation was a disappointment to fans of the show, who have seen the writing and fight choreography get better as the show went on. Season 2 also left us with a kind of cliffhanger for what the future holds for Colleen and Misty in New York and Danny and Ward in Japan. Even hardcore fans of the show can admit it was likely the weakest of the Netflix Marvel shows, in terms of both writing and choreography. But when Luke Cage was canceled. While still not the strongest of the Netflix shows, it had a strong following and had a solid second season.

With Disney ramping up their own streaming service (tentative operational date set towards the end of 2019, cheaper than Netflix and housing anything Disney owns including Marvel, Star Wars and who-knows-what Fox material) fans are concerned that they’re scrapping the shows on Netflix in favor of changing things up for the Disney service.

The official Netflix Iron Fist Twitter account posted an ominous tweet, claiming the story will continue, though it also gave a link to the recent Iron Fist comic series, leaving the message more than a little vague. Finn Jones thanked everyone for show’s support. Jessica Henwick says playing Colleen Wing changed her life. Then the announcement of Luke Cage’s cancellation, Finn Jones took to Instagram to post an image that makes fans wonder if there’s a connection to what the Twitter account said previously.



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Even still, fans of the other shows fear that the cancellations will continue, hitting Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Punisher. Jessica Jones and Punisher are slated for new season releases. Thankfully, Netflix’s Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos swoops in to assure fans that the shows that are working on new seasons will still happen. Netflix has the power to cancel shows, not Disney or Marvel, and that Netflix is “super happy with their performance so far”, referring to Jessica Jones and Punisher.

Of course, there could be some new negotiations happened, a restructuring of Iron Fist and Luke Cage for a season or two of Heroes For Fire. While, yes, Disney wants all their shows under their umbrella to compete with Netflix, it wouldn’t be far fetched from a business standpoint to finish out those shows on Netflix. Let them run on Netflix until those stories are told and everyone is ready to move on. Combining Luke Cage and Iron Fist’s audience would be a smart move – not everyone loves both shows, but just about everyone loves both characters together. Iron Fist’s cameo on the second season of Luke Cage was the most talked about part of that season.


For what the future truly holds, fans will have to wait and see. Everything seems up in the air until Netflix and/or Disney makes an official announcement, but everyone is being a bit vague about future plans for the Marvel Netflix shows.

Then there’s also the fan theory that neither Disney nor Netflix had any hand in the cancellation of both shows, but rather Avengers: Infinity War villain Thanos. With a snap of his fingers, Danny and Luke both faded away… Perhaps Disney persuaded Thanos to axe the Netflix shows to get them out of their contract!

What do you think? Could/Should/Would Disney let Netflix have Iron Fist and Luke Cage for a Heroes For Hire series? Is Disney going to draw everything into its direct-to-customer streaming service? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter!

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