Blizzard hosts one of the biggest gaming conventions every year with their annual Blizzcon. Blizzcon gives us updates and sneak peeks into some of the nerdoms favorite titles; World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Diablo III, Starcraft, Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone. There’s many panels, games, merch, and it’s all a bit dizzying for even the most hardcore fan. What’s new? What’s next? What’s good and what’s a letdown? NerdBastards is here to break down the 5 biggest announcements from Blizzcon 2018 and give you insight into what to expect from the future of Blizzard Entertainment.

Let’s start with the least exciting and work our way up. Diablo fans have been clamoring for new content for months, and with merchandise increasing and ads for Diablo 3 being seen more, fans were sure they were going to get a new Diablo game announcement. Hoping for Diablo 4 for the PC, PS4, and XBox, many fans were a bit let down to find out the announcement was Diablo Immortal for iOS and Android. A mobile game that fans feel is similar to another game that the developer, Netease, already has out. The disappointment and frustration was palpable during the Q&A. But there are good things about the game too! You get all 6 Diablo 3 classes, shared zones and dungeons to run into other players, and will link to to connect with friends. Players will see Westmarch as the game is set between Diablo 2 and 3 when Westmarch was a thriving city.

Another game that caused some complaints but was mostly silenced by eager fans was Warcraft 3: Reforged. Updated graphics, animation and character models. A special version called Spoils of War that will give in-game goodies for other Blizzard games including the Meat Wagon, a working catapult mount for World of Warcraft. Old School Warcraft fans are excited to revisit the game that propelled the realm of Warcraft to the next level. While some folk would rather a Warcraft 4 with all new content, that’s not a realistic hope while World of Warcraft still reigns as one of gaming top MMORPGs.

World of Warcraft still goes strong, announcing a slew of new content with two content patches, 8.1, Tides of Vengeance and 8.2 Rise of Azshara. Blizzard announced a new cinematic, Lost Honor, featuring Anduin and Saurfang discussing honor and Saurfang’s role in the world. Tides of Vengeance will feature the Alliance striking back at Darkshore with the Darkshore Warfront in the shadow of Teldrassil. Horde and Alliance assaults will be found throughout zones, similar to Legion assaults. Players get new Island Expeditions as well as a new raid zone, Battle for Dazar’alor. Battle for Dazar’alor is exciting because it’s the first raid to feature two different sides to the same story. Players will be able to queue to either defend or attack Dazar’alor, as well as being able to queue to see the opposite faction’s side of the story.

Blizzard announced heritage armor for Tauren and Gnomes, as well as many system improvements. 8.1.5 will bring is Kul’Tirans and Zandalari as playable races – FINALLY! A new rollercoaster in Darkmoon Faire, updated Children’s Week, portal rooms added to the faction cities, updated professions, the remastering of Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin and more! 8.2, Rise of Azshara will give us a new zone to explore, Nazjatar, new villains to fight and friends to make. New types of Naga, new architecture, 8 boss raid and a fight with Queen Azshara herself! 8.2 will also bring about Mechagon, an ancient and lost gnomish city with Mechagnomes that are part machine, part gnome! 8.2.5. will give us updated character models for Goblins and Worgen! A much needed and much asked for improvement!

Moving on to one of the most exciting parts of Blizzard’s first day was the Overwatch announcements. McCree, the bad-guy turned good-guy turned roaming-cowboy, voiced by Matt Mercer, finally gets his own animated short. The short called Reunion was one of the best the Overwatch team has brought out yet. Reunion served as a double-hero short, as it also introduced players to Ashe and B.O.B. from the Deadlock Gang. McCree was a former member of Deadlock and ex-boyfriend of Ashe’s. B.O.B. is Ashe’s fellow gang member and former butler, acting as a bodyguard to Ashe. Immediately after the short, Blizzard announced that Ashe was hero 29 for Overwatch! Fans of the short were happy to know that B.O.B. will be featured as Ashe’s ultimate ability. How exactly he’ll work in gameplay isn’t known just yet, but if Blizzard keeps to their usual schedule, we should see Ashe and B.O.B. hit the PTR in the next week or two.

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