Spider-Man: Far From Home finally delivers a trailer that fans have been salivating for. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man has quickly become a fan favorite, nailing the witty quips, the ‘dope with a heart of gold’ attitude, and intellect that fans have come to expect from Peter Parker. And he does it while being damned charming. Fans had lots of speculation about the second installment of the Sony-MCU franchise, after the events of Infinity War. Have any of those speculations been laid to rest? And how does a wacky villain like Mysterio translate to the big screen?

Fan and Comedian Kirk Deveyck took to Twitter demanding the release of the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer. He claims (and rightly so!) that 2018 was a fantastic year for Spider-Man. Infinity War, Into The Spider-Verse, and the PS4 game really made 2018 the year of the Spider. And Deveyck wants to start 2019 off right – with the release of the Far From Home Trailer. Social Media Darling and Spider-Man star Tom Holland retweeted Deveyck’s video on the 13th.

On the 14th came a response that had fans eager to know more.

On the 15th, Holland retweeted Sony’s post.

The trailer is everything a Spider-Man fan could want. Gratuitous shots of Spider-Man in new costume designs, Peter being Peter, action shots of two classic Spider-Man villains, and more.


It’s clear that Far From Home takes place before Infinity War, which sates fans anger at the fact the Spider-Man sequel was announced after Infinity War released, seeming to spoil the fate of young Parker after The Snap. But if Far From Home comes before Infinity War, then his continued condition is still up in the air and nothing is spoiled.

We get two new suits in the trailer, one with less red on the overall costume, and another that’s full-black, reminiscent of the Spider-Man Noir suit.

The trailer starts off with Spider-Man helping Aunt May raise money at a fundraiser, Happy showing up and flirting with Aunt May (much to Peter’s chagrin).

Peter and his schoolmates hope across the pond to London-town for a school trip, only to have it crashed by Nick Fury, enlisting Peter in some sort of mission.

With only the trailer to go off of, we see Peter struggle with Hydro-Man, a water-based villain. There’s also a fun Easter Egg found in the background that alludes to the first appearance of Hydro-Man, Amazing Spider-Man issue 212.

We also get our first real look at Mysterio, who also tussles with HydroMan. The classically weird looking SpiderMan villain translates well to the big screen, big yellow breastplate, purple cape, and fish-bowl dome helmet and all. Marvel Studios has proved time and time again that if done well any comic book costume can translate onto the big screen no matter how crazy it looks on the page. Much like other characters who wear masks like Iron Man and Star-Lord, (or perhaps more accurately, Vulture) Mysterio is seen without his helmet, and will likely be taking it off as much as possible to showcase the actor’s face and his talent.


What do you think? Are you excited? Does Mysterio work on screen? Where does Tom Holland rank for you on the list of live action Spider-Men?

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