CW President Hints At Batwoman Series Pickup

DC/CW shows get an early renewal and a small nod to another show as Mark Pedowitz, CW president, makes a comment during the network’s TCA appearance. Batwoman’s pilot has been ordered, but the small comment from Pedowitz gives fans hope that it’s already considered greenlit. What info do we have on the 6th DC/CW show? What’s for sure and certain and what’s just rumor? Arrowverse and Batwoman fans alike wait with bated breath for the next female lead CW comic book show. It seems as long as “Armed with a passion for social justice and a flair for speaking her mind” brings in viewers, CW is willing to embrace the trend.


Arrow, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, and Black Lightning all got an early renewal and Pedowitz said in a comment about the show’s scheduling “We’re not sure we’ll air all 6 DC shows at the same time.” Fans assume the 6th show is Batwoman and he’s already considering picking it up for a full series.

Batwoman showed up in the ‘Elseworlds‘ crossover, fitting right into the Arrowverse and leaving fans largely thrilled with Kate Kane and Ruby Rose’s portrayal of the character. Batman’s cousin and fellow billionaire, Rose described Kate early on as “swaggy. She always knew who she was, but she’s really coming into knowing who she is in the crossover, and with Batwoman as well. It’s not the first time she’s put on the suit.”

Caroline Dries takes the showrunner seat with Greg Berlanti as executive producer. The pilot will be directed by David Nutter, which is good news since Nutter did the pilots of Arrow, The Flash, and Game of Thrones. Pulling out the big guns for Batwoman says a lot about CW’s commitment to the show.

As for cast members, Camrus Johnson was cast as Luke Fox, son of Lucius Fox, who takes care of the Wayne Mansion when Bruce is away. It’s noteworthy that Luke becomes a member of the Batfamily as Batwing. Meagan Tandy, who played alongside Supergirl’s Tyler Hoechlin, Superman, in Teen Wolf will play Sophie Moore, a military academy graduate who works in Gotham as a high-level private security agent. Nicole Kang is cast as Kate Kane’s step-sister Mary Hamilton. No word yet on a Renee Montoya, but fans definitely want to see her.

Also in Arrowverse news, Pedowitz says about the upcoming Crisis On Infinite Earths “It will be the biggest, most complicated one that they’ve done.”

When asked if 6 shows are hitting a saturation point for the network, Pedowitz disagreed, saying “things will age and we want to get the next generation.” But DC/CW fans are eager for as many properties as CW is willing to produce from the Arrowverse. Seeing favorite characters come to life each week never gets old and more properties means the chance for more characters to be represented.

What do you think? Are you excited for Batwoman? Do you think 6 comic book shows are too much? Will the age of comic book film and tv ever end? Leave a comment below or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter!


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