If you’re not following Gail Simone on Twitter, you should really re-evaluate your life choices. The Comic Book Diva reigns supreme on the social media site, trolling dudebros and inciting hilarious discussions. For those not in the know, Gail Simone has written amazing books like Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey, Red Sonja and Tomb Raider. But her greatest accomplishment may be the latest ruckus she’s caused on Twitter. Calling out name brands to chime in on the greatest debate of all time, bigger than Pepsi or Coke, more dividing than Horde or Alliance, more important than any political election held to date, Gail Simone asks brands to draw a line in the sand and choose a side – Marvel or DC?

Not only are brands chiming in, but others that haven’t been asked come out of the woodwork to be included. Some dodge the question. Others choose some middle ground or a hidden Door Number 3 answer. But most are willing to take the plunge and stand proudly with their chosen comic book publishers. And one stood out above the rest… and proved their comic book cred several times over.




The fast food darling spoke up.


When a fan accused Wendy’s of betraying fans, Wendy’s claimed to be just stating a preference, touting that ALL comics are cool. (They are.) Another “fan” spoke up to claim that Wendy’s was only jumping on a popular band wagon. That’s when Wendy’s shut them up.

But lines in the sand can’t be drawn without risk of consequences. DC Comics had to make their own statement to Wendy’s Marvel-flag-flying.

But they’re not the only ones to join in the fun!

Even other fast food titans stepped up.

Drink companies!

Pretzel makers even got in on it, even if they didn’t out-right claim a side…

Independent fast food chains dropped some mics!

Ice cream makers picked the obvious choice.

While others took a different approach to the question…

Outback Steakhouse showed solidarity with Chris Hemsworth.

American Cookies tilts towards the wrong side of the law.

Steak N Shake gives a cop-out answer.

But even two days later there are still companies throwing in their vote!

Who else will choose a side and what other hi-jinks will ensue? What other chaos will Gail Simone cause next???

What do you think? Is this not the best use of Twitter? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter!

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