We all have that one nerd that’s hard to buy for. You never know what to get them, what they have or don’t have, or what might be that perfect gift. Or maybe you’re looking to splurge for yourself, spoil your inner nerd, ‘treat yo self!’ a little. What better way to complete any of these missions than by a subscription? Some come in boxes while others are services. You could gift by the year or by the month. Here are some of the best subscriptions for that unique nerd in your life! Even if that nerd is you.


DC Universe
This one might seem a bit obvious. But with SO many streaming services out there, not every nerd has this one. DC Universe has a massive collection of DC tv shows, movies, and comics. Old school Shazam show, original Batman: The Animated Series, up-to-date animated movies, as well as original content like Titans and Doom Patrol which are surprisingly top notch.
$7.99 a month/$74.99 a year

Libris Arcana
For the TTRPG nerd. What table-top roleplaying gamer doesn’t love new dice? You can never have enough. Sure, each RPGer has their favorite set, but sometimes that set betrays you and rolls shitty for a whole night! Then you need to put them in dice jail and pick a new set to roll with for a while. What? Yes, dice jail is a real thing! I didn’t make it up! Sheesh! Libris Arcana is affordable as well as fun.
$11.75 Monthly
$19.50 Quarterly
$11.75 Random Dice

Bam! Box
Subscription box for the collector nerd. Each box jam-packed with celebrity autographs, on-screen replicas, and more. There’s also a community to trade with. Didn’t get the item you were hoping for? Got something you didn’t necessarily need or want? Trade or sell that puppy for something even better!
$26.99 – Bam! Pop Culture Box
$26.99 – Bam! Horror Box

Mysterious Package Company
This one is fun but on the expensive side. First, a letter is delivered to the recipient starting off the story. Whether they know its coming is up to you, but it’s advised that someone in the house knows about it. Sometimes the stories and correspondence can be scary or disturbing if the recipient isn’t aware it’s a story. At the end of the weeks-long correspondence, the recipient is sent an honest-to-goodness crate that holds a physical item related to the story.
$80-$300 – depending on the experience chosen

Hunt A Killer
Do you like escape rooms and murder mystery theater? Do you also like not having to leave the comfort of your living room to participate in these hobbies? Then you’re in luck! Hunt A Killer sends you months boxes of clues in your very own Whodunnit subscription!
$30 monthly
$27.50 6 months
$25 12 months

What do you think? Do you have a favorite subscription that isn’t listed here? Maybe an unknown that more people should hear about? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter!

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